Artist Draws Hilarious Comics Through The Eyes Of Someone With Anxiety

By Raven Fon

As someone who has experienced panic attacks and anxiety their entire life, I can relate to many of these Introvert Doodles by Marzi.

Recently, Marzi shared a post on Bored Panda that highlighted some pieces of her work. “Over the past year, I’ve worked to understand myself, learning to recognize which of my attributes to embrace (hooray, introversion!), and which behaviors are symptoms of anxiety. I illustrate my ideas and experiences in a web comic called Introvert Doodles (note: introversion and anxiety are not synonymous, I just happen to be someone who lives with both). As I’ve posted my doodles online, I’ve heard from others dealing with similar challenges, and it’s made me realize that I’m not alone!”

Anxiety comes in all shapes and sizes, and it looks different for everyone. It’s important to remember that although anxiety can be painful, we need to be able to laugh at ourselves from time to time. It’s healthy and it helps with healing.

#3 All The Feelings

All The FeelingsIntrovert Doodles

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