8 Things We Could All Learn From Rastafarians

When you hear the word ‘Rastafarian’ a few things come to mind, but actually being a Rasta isn’t just about dreadlocked hair, it’s a deeply spiritual mindset and philosophical way of life. Although it would be pretty difficult for most of us to adopt a full Rastafari lifestyle, there are some Rasta ideals that some of us could perhaps learn a thing or two from.

1. Your Body is Your Temple

In Rastafari, it’s important to look after your body. They believe in everything that is natural. This can be seen with the ital diet but they also dislike anything that would ‘taint’ their bodies, like cutting their hair or getting tattoos.

2. Natural Is The Way to Go

Ital is the Rastafari diet, and it stems from the word ‘vital’. A diet that focuses on purely natural foods, void of red meat and processed food.


3. Speech is Powerful

Speech is very important to Rastafarians, as it enables the presence. Freedom of speech and communication is vital.


4. Respect Nature

This idea refers to the importance and respect Rastafarians have for animals and the environment, as mirrored in their food laws. They live and breathe the earth and some use plants and herbs for medicine.

5. Everyone is Equal

According to the Rastafari, all people are equal, regardless of race, because all people are children of Jah.


6. Possessions Don’t Bring Happiness

Rastas are against is the misuse of technology and the overemphasis on material possessions, not to say they don’t have material things but they don’t believe it should be of such importance in our lives.

7. Love is Everything

Love, to a Rasta, once started just grows from his heart. Rastafarians love their romantic partners with every part of their being, and enjoy it. They love with honor, peace, and respect.

Lion kissing

8. Live How You Choose

Rastafarians believe every man must live how he chooses. But we know the best way for a man to make his money is by doing something that he loves. The best occupation is to do one of these things.

We could never cover the entirety of the Rastafari movement in ONE blog post.There’s lots more to know. “Rastafarians: The Dreadlocks of Jamaica” by Leonard E. Barrett is a great place to begin your education.

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