41 Sentences That Will Compel You To Change Your Life

By Raven Fon

  1. Your culture has put restrictions on your understanding of what remains possible.

  2. You have been molded to acknowledge a narrow vision of what life is and what you’ll become.

  3. In reality, there are endless possibilities for you and your life.

  4. If you possess true determination to make something happen, and if you stay persistent, you can virtually do anything imaginable.

  5. “Success” is a relative term that can be defined however it fits your life.

  6. If you want, “success” can even mean being alive in this moment and experiencing all that entails.

  7. There is much more to life than the endless rat race of working, and paying bills.

  8. When you start to see life as a beautiful journey, it becomes one.

  9. When you begin to develop an insatiable curiosity for the world and everything in it, you find infinite sources of fascination and imagination.

  10. For the majority of our ancestors history, they were nomads- never staying in one place very long.

  11. Arguably, it goes against our natural instincts for us to stay in one place for decades at a time.

  12. The human spirit craves new experiences like sights, tastes, sounds, and sensations.

  13. On a basic level, you have always wanted to wander, but you tell yourself there are too many reasons why you can’t abandon the situation you’re currently in.

  14. You are not being honest with yourself.

  15. In your core, you know that few things would be better for you than going somewhere different for a while.

  16. The challenges and curiosity that will inevitably unfold would stimulate you in remarkable ways.

  17. The world would finally excite you in a way that you haven’t felt since childhood.

  18. You would discover more about what truly motivates you and which things you love doing.

  19. It would transform you in profound ways.

  20. And that is where the fear stems from: change is frightening; it’s much easier to hold on to what you know, to what is reliable; you don’t feel able or ready.

  21. But, you must realize, no one is ever truly ready.

  22. The ones who leap anyways become ready when they need to.

  23. At this point, we should recognize that “going somewhere different for a while” could best be interpreted as a metaphor.

  24. Maybe the reality of the matter is that what you need is to move past physical limits, to encounter new outer scenes; nonetheless, maybe on a more profound level you long to encounter new interior landscapes.

  25. There are several ways you can travel without physically moving your body.

  26. The same fundamental desire underlies the drive to travel internally or externally: the inclination to move past the natural, to try with a specific end goal to see with your own eyes what you are, what life is, the thing that it can be.

  27. Regardless, there are hidden possibilities inside yourself that you wish to investigate and actualize; whether inwardly or outwardly, some part of you longs for development, for transformation.

  28. Yet, you fear judgment and surrendering what you know, so you create unlimited reasons why change is not a smart idea.

  29. Once more, from some place inside you, you realize that the best thing for you would be to do what you fear — to move past your own breaking points.

  30. Rising above limits stirs energy, interest, and a feeling of purpose; it is the way to find characteristic inspiration, more noteworthy importance, and inward respectability.

  31. Inward respectability is comprised of looking to satisfy our human potential; to build up our intrinsic limits and gifts; and to utilize whatever capacities we need to help the world.

  32. Arguably, we need many people to aspire to this state of inward respectability, considering the fact that we now face various risks which threaten to destroy humanity and the earth.

  33. Nonetheless, it is not a feeling of obligation or commitment which ought to convince you to unearth your potential; rather, this impulse emerges naturally inside you; it is likely there now as just a faint whisper.

  34. Remember: Life can be much more than you’ve ever dreamed ; your world can grow exponentially.

  35. Your biggest obstruction is your own conviction that there are valid reasons behind your choosing to stay where you are currently, be who you are presently, and do what you do now.

  36. Your most noteworthy foe is your endless list of standards and desires for how life should be lived.

  37. Question: Where did these standards and desires come from?

  38. Answer: They were created by other individuals.

  39. Nature doesn’t care about the standards and desires we create.

  40. Nature is a wild and free wonderland which has countless unlikely possibilities that can come to fruition.

  41. Forget everything you think you know.


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