Why You Should Never Believe In Love And Unity

By Raven Fon
With over 7 billion people on this planet, you would think we would have figured out how to get along. We have an average life expectancy of 70 years, which is plenty of time to learn to make friends with our enemies, and love our fellow human being…

But we just can’t do it.

Believing in love and unity- believing in a better world means we would have to actually put forth effort towards change, and let’s be realistic, we are simply too comfortable in our dilapidated reality.

We should just save ourselves the time and energy. What good could come from uniting as one anyways?

“We Are All Human”

It should not matter
That we grew up
On opposite banks,
On opposite streets,
On the opposite
Side of the tracks,
Or on opposite ends
Of social ranks.
It should not matter
What your father does for work
Or what race is in his blood,
As long as you are good
And full of love.

It should not matter
That you have more than me
Or that I know more than you
Or what my job is
Or where I went to school –
For we are all equal
And it’s only our polarities
That make each man unique,
And every human useful.

It should not matter
That the media wants to
Keep dividing us
By constantly reminding us
That we are from different sects,
With labeled and typecasted
Stereotypical characteristics
And racial defects,
And that there are rules
For every age,
Religion, class and sex.
“Sign over here.
Put an X in the box.
Then step to the left
So I can see
Who’s next.”
Nobody should ever feel
Like just another statistic.
And nobody should ever feel
Above or below the rest.
Remember to stand up for yourself
Before you stand up to rip the test.
Stand up for all that’s fair
And always speak out for what’s right
And best.

It should not matter
If you are Chinese,
Arab, Israeli or Cuban.
If you seriously do realize
That we are all just human.”
Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute the Sun: The Writings of Suzy Kasse

Oh that’s right… We can change the world. By bringing out the best in ourselves, and each other, and by supporting others and exhibiting signs of love instead of hate and separation, we can change everything.

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