The MOST Honest Affirmation Video To Motivate The Bleep Out Of You

Guess what? You’re awesome! Don’t believe me- just listen to this video.

It’s not every day you come across something that can make you laugh, and makes you believe in yourself in such a way you never thought possible. That’s exactly what we need more of in life, isn’t it? We need to be able to laugh through (or at) the bullsh*t that we deal with every single day, and we also need to believe that we are better, stronger, and wiser than we tell ourselves every day.

We should be our own best friend, but the way we speak to ourselves at times can be more damaging than most of us realize. In fact, simply saying a few kind words to yourself can have a radical impact on how you see yourself, and it will affect how others perceive you as well.

The best way to start believing in yourself, is with a truly honest affirmation. Brutally honest. Straight to the point.

You might be having a crappy Tuesday. Maybe the dog chewed your remote, or your cousin owes you money, or Becky in accounting keeps messaging you about petty drama. Whatever your day is like, whatever you are going through, remember this: You Are Awesome.

“I am a more positive person every day. Today,  am positive everyone else is an *sshole.”

“I am important, and I deserve a f*cking awesome life.”

This video has some expletives- okay a lot of them- but it helps to get the point across. And sometimes having a bouquet of F-bombs is exactly what the day requires. As Stephen Fry said, “The sort of twee person who thinks swearing is in any way a sign of a lack of education or a lack of verbal interest is just a f*cking lunatic.”

So, watch this video from Namaste Out Of It, and get inspired. Get motivated. It’s time to believe in yourself because You’re Awesome.

Yeah, you are.