You Can Win A Zoom Date With Keanu Reeves And It’s For Charity

This year might be off to one crazy start, but there is always a silver lining; Winning a date with Keanu Reeves is that silver lining.

If you could have a Zoom date with any celebrity, who would it be? For many of us, the answer is Keanu Reeves. That special guy with a heart of gold who makes us laugh, makes us cry, and makes us think in a way we haven’t done before. Matrix, anyone?

Even though this year has gotten off to a rocky start, Keanu Reeves is single-handedly attempting to restore order by auctioning off a date with himself to one lucky winner.

It’s, of course, for the right price, but it’s also for a genuinely great cause.

Reeves has partnered with Camp Rainbow Gold — a cancer charity group from Idaho — to offer a 15-minute Zoom call with a fan who decides to outbid other fans, according to CNN.

Now, you might not know this, but Keanu has been giving millions to children’s charities and hospitals for years. Yes, he’s actually one of the good guys. He began the donations through a foundation that he set up over ten years ago.  And he’s still donating to those charities and hospitals today.

But back to that Zoom date.

The virtual date holds a value of $10,000, or at least that’s where the bidding started. Now, bidding has already increased to $16,600. One anonymous bid raised the price to that amount, but it’s not over yet.

Currently, the bid has jumped to more than $50,000 for the small date with Reeves, according to KHQ.

You have until Monday, the 22nd of June to bid for your chance at a date with Keanu Reeves, which isn’t a lot of time to gather tens of thousands of dollars, but maybe now is the time to sell those ultra-rare Beanie Babies from the 90s?

For the lucky winner, the date will take place on July 6th, at a time that works for both people.

Of course, there are rules to adhere to- no funny business is allowed. Keanu is a decent guy, so the winner will need to behave decently as well. “Camp Rainbow Gold and/or the celebrity has the right to cancel the call if there is threatening or inappropriate behavior. Nontransferable, no returns or exchanges, not available for resale and no cash value.”

If you’re up for a date with Keanu Reeves, you better be on your best behaviour. After all, he will be.

What would you ask him if you were to win a date like this?