6 Warning Signs You’re Listening To Fear Instead Of Your Intuition

Are you listening to your fear, or to your intuition? Let’s find out.

We like to think of ourselves as being fairly honest with our thoughts and motives, and our intuition plays a massive role with both of those things. How we choose to live our lives depends on a multitude of variables, but one thing remains constant- our internal feelings, our “gut feeling,” if you will.

However, sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between our intuition and our fear. If you are listening to fear more often than not, you may recognize some of the following patterns in your life.

The past controls your present.

If you are going through the day and your choices are based on what happened in the past, there are a few things to consider. Repetitive patterns by others are out of your control. Repetitive patterns by yourself are within your control. The past might be painful, and lessons are to be learned from what we’ve been through, but the present is where the real treasure is held. Your wisest self knows that intuition will keep you in the moment, and fear steals today away from you.

Every thought is met with a negative answer.

You might feel like you’re starting to go mad with confusion, or like your mind is your worst enemy. Instead of positive reinforcement, your fear is telling you all the reasons why you’re not good enough, why that idea will fail, and why all of this is your fault. Your intuition knows better, it knows you are the strongest ally you have in this world and would never talk down to you with negative filled lies.

You’ve stopped giving yourself time to listen.

When we listen, we learn. We sit in silence to observe and to quiet the noise inside ourselves. Your inner voice is one of light, and although it has the capability to shout at us when we need it most, it is often only heard when we are open to the stillness around us instead of being absorbed into the chaos.

Overthinking. Over-analyzing every thought.

Your gut feeling doesn’t need to be picked and prodded. If you’re constantly analyzing it to death, then you might actually be dissecting your fears instead. As it’s been said, intuition is a knowing that can’t be explained by thoughts or facts. Remember that the next time you get a feeling that you think is your intuition but which demands that you pick at it all night with your brain.

You are in a pattern you might not even realize.

If you’re succumbing to your fears every day with negative thoughts but you don’t even realize you’re having them, this can make it easy for you to get too comfortable with following your fears instead of your calm inner voice. Pay attention to what you’re feeling and thinking every day so that you can start to question those thoughts and emotions. You know what they say: Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real!

You’ve lost the sense of being “okay.”

Although you can’t escape from your intuitive voice, that’s not a bad thing! It’s a total myth to think that your gut feeling is always going to tell you negative things about what to expect from your life. That’s not your gut. Your gut is honest, yes, but it’s also focused on helping you with love. While your fears will tell you that your relationship is screwed and there’s nothing you can do, your gut will be the soft voice that says, “You’ll be okay.”