4 Undeniable Truths Only Old Souls Will Understand

By Raven Fon

The term “old soul” is really just an oversimplification. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a person has an ancient soul, which has possibly been through several incarnations. What the term is really describing is an attitude, a way of living this life, or an awkwardness of sorts.

Those who are considered to be old souls usually feel out of place, have difficulty understanding social norms, and generally have a healthy balance of wisdom and innocence. There are benefits and drawbacks to every experience we have in life, and what defines them as such is perspective.

Depending on how you choose to look at life, the following 4 things can either be treasures or grievances. However you see them, one thing is for certain: they are undeniable truths.

Possibilities are endless.

Keeping an open mind in all situations allows one to have a more fulfilling and pleasant life. A lot of the events in our life are miscalculations on our part, or potential adventures with unknown outcomes. We experience bad days and good days, just like everyone else, and we never known who is going through what. The possibilities for why, how, and what are endless.

You need alone time. 

In our society, it is assumed that being surrounded by people and cultivating constant interaction is normal- anything else is unhealthy. That’s simply not true. While having friends and hanging out with them is important to maintain a friendship, alone time is necessary for inner-work to take place. Healing the mind and recovering from the daily stresses we endure takes place when we silence the outside world; when we are alone.

Age is just a number. 

Growing up, you might have felt like you fit in with an older crowd, yet as you grow in years, you find yourself holding on to that childhood wonder and innocence. Age is just a number and it holds very little meaning. Old souls understand that it is our experiences and perspectives which truly age us, and not the number of candles on our cake.

Actions speak louder than words. 

While it is true that most people (not only old souls) understand this, the way in which an old soul experiences this truth is slightly different. Old souls might not be as gifted with using words as they are with showing emotion. They tend to become flustered with their own thoughts when speaking, so they prefer to show you exactly what they mean. You can look in their eyes and feel their compassion and love- words aren’t always necessary.