2 Things An Empowered Person Will Never Give Away

Empowered people are energetically received differently than others. We just know when we’re in the presence of someone who is standing in their power.

The empowered have a few key things in common. They experience their day to day lives in the present moment; not dragging the weight of the past, and not sitting on an edge looking at the future hoping what they want will eventually reach them. They are those who are consistently participating in their own lives. They keep the flow of giving and receiving in motion. They are not victims of circumstance; they are empowered by their circumstances.

Empowered people are conscious co-creators. They are in relationships with the universe, God, and their highest team of angels, spirit guides, and/or ascended masters. They are wise enough to take what speaks to them and leave what does not.

The empowered know their energy sources and drains so they can protect what matters. They are those who participate in present time with a goal, dream, or vision leading and fueling them forward.

They know who they are, why they are here, and what they are here to do and be. They may not know daily specifics, but they show and suit up curious to share, learn, grow, evolve. They choose to live by choice not chance. And they never allow the past or another to disempower them.

The 2 things the Empowered Never Give Away:


Empowered people innately realize their voice is their unique expression not just in the world, but for the world. They understand this is the distinction that serves them, their purpose, those in their circles of influence, and the world. They know their authentic voice is of their higher self, not the voice that pleases or appeases. They are fierce supporters and protectors of it because they focus valuable energy on being real not on being right.


Empowered people are in touch with their power. They are not separate from it, so they never hand it over, give it away, or dim it. They know their it is limitless, not limited, and encompasses their authentic voice. And because they know power can be wielded as instruments of divinity or destruction, empowered people are disciplined care-takers of their time, energy, and self-care.

The empowered know the quality of their voice and their power is directly related to the quality of their integrity.

They know when their words, actions, and thoughts are in alignment, their voice and power are, too.

They will not default to preprogramming of the past. They choose to ensure that what they think matches what they say matches what they do.

by Susan Mullen for OneWiseLife