These Are The 5 Reasons Why Powerful Souls Feel Insecure

We are here on this Earth to continuously learn as well as teach and grow by this experience.

We learn from others, from our victories as well as defeats, and we are also teaching others at the same time. Yet sooner or later we go through a phase when we begin doubting ourselves and the world.

Here are the 5 reasons why powerful souls tend to feel insecure:

We care a bit too much about the opinions of others.

This causes us to second guess every decision. But, why can’t we have full confidence in ourselves, why should the other be more qualified than us? Do not worry about getting validation from other people, do what you feel is right. Even if we make mistakes, they will be nothing more than lessons.

We don’t think people (including ourselves) are qualified enough.

We blindly chase perfection in everyone and everything. But it is unnecessary and foolish. Everyone is evolving at a different rate, including ourselves. Doesn’t mean that we have to give each other a hard time about it.

Thinking that our guides should be godly.

Well they are humans too, just like we are mentors and teachers to others around us. If we see our mentor stumble, we shouldn’t automatically assume they are not worthy to learn from.

Giving up on the source.

When things are not going our way we tend to lose our path. We start doubting everything, ourselves and even our beliefs. We need to know that even though it might seem we are not being heard, there is a higher being at work and we are just too small to look at the entire picture.

We take on more than we can handle.

There are many different aspects to our life, our family, our studies, our Spirituality and so forth. And we want to do justice to all. But in trying so, we end up spending too much of ourselves on them and we burn out too soon. We need to find a balance between all the important things in our life and channel our energy likewise.

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