13 Rare Traits Of People With True Integrity

Truly honest people with strong moral principles seem harder and harder to find nowadays. These people with a high sense of integrity remain rare. They are truthful for their actions and always have a strong and consistent character.

Luckily, we can recognize people with true integrity by these rare 13 traits, which they usually seem to possess.


1. They value other people’s time.


They value other people’s time with the same attention they value theirs. A person with true integrity won’t waste your time with nonsense. If you’re in a hurry, they’ll keep it short. They also express their gratitude for people who spend time with them as well.


2. They give credit where it is due.


They respect everyone’s work and won’t take false credit. They know that the credit is due to that person who deserves it. If you work on a mutual project with this type of person, it’s highly likely that they’ll mention your name for helping them.


3. They are authentic.


They can sense a liar or fake person from a mile away. People with integrity remain true to who they are, and accept themselves with all their flaws.


4. They are always honest.


They don’t feel that they need to lie to get somewhere in life. Rather, only through their truthfulness they achieve their goals.


5. They never take advantage of others.

They aren’t like most people who tend to use mind games and manipulation techniques to get what they want. On the contrary, they uplift people and bring out the best in them. They love to motivate them to reach their full potential.1

6. They do not argue over disagreements.

You’re not going to see a person with integrity argue with a waiter why his/her chicken seems bland and making a scene in the restaurant. People with integrity are mature and only talk in a civilized manner, or they just keep it to themselves and not talk about it. This is a highly respectable trait they possess.

7. They give most people the benefit of the doubt.

They try to see the positive side to every situation, and the best in people. But try not to take advantage of people with integrity, because they’ll get rid of you within seconds.

8. They know when something is bothering someone.

Their intuition is very strong and guides them to feel what’s going on around them. If you’re bothered by something or simply depressed, a person with integrity can see it and will try to talk to you about it. And they’ll try their best to cheer you up!

9. They believe others.

People with integrity treat others as they want to be treated. And because they never lie, they assume the same goes for other people. They trust what you tell them, but if they find out you’re lying, they’ll avoid you and cut ties from you completely.

10. They apologize first.

They don’t hold grudges. If they feel they’ve done you wrong, they will come and apologize first. They truly own up to their actions and care about how they affected others.

11. They are humble.

They can be the best at something and still not know their own worth. People need to remind them about their success. While it is important, they don’t quite see why they should idolize their achievements.

12. They do good when they can.

They are always doing their best to help others within their capacity. Bringing joy to someone’s life motivates them. They love to help improve other lives as it gives their life a meaning.

13. They are always kind to those who need it.

They are balls of joy and offer kindness to everyone. They believe that a little kindness can go a long way. Just their presence in the room can brighten up anyone’s day.

If you possess true integrity, thank you for bringing hope in humanity by simply being authentic. You make an important difference in society. And I am proud of you! Please continue what you’re doing!

Via Mind Vs Brain

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