15 Powerful Ways To Live A Ridiculously Great Life

By Elle Sommer | LivePurposefullyNow

You know how you intend to stay focused on what it is you want in life but far too often life itself gets in your way?


Life may be beautiful, but it’s also noisy and challenging and full of distractions.


No wonder it’s difficult to keep your eye on the prize with so much vying for your attention. And your attention acts like a lightening rod attracting more success and happiness or more distracting noise and challenges. It all depends on you and your focus.


Far too many people have become accustomed to paying attention to the negative side of life. The things they don’t want, the things that upset or overwhelm them.


If you want to know where your attention has been lately, take a look at your results. You’ve either accomplished what you set out to or you haven’t. You have financial security or you don’t. You’re happy or you’re not.


If you don’t like what you see, it’s time to stop listening to the noise of the world and get on track for that ridiculously great life that’s waiting for you.


The most effective among us have developed the ability to be less distracted than the rest of us and there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same.


Here’s some powerful ideas to get you started.


1. Stand guard over your mind


Living a ridiculously great life doesn’t come from your accomplishments, nice as they are, nor your relationships, however filled with love, nor from how much money you have…it comes from the quality of the feelings that you live in on a daily basis. Negative emotions like frustration, fear, anger or self pity never make for a good life.

Cultivating passion, joy, appreciation and a feeling of being blessed regardless of any problems that crop up is what leads to that ridiculously great life. An extraordinary mindset gives you meaning, no matter what life brings.

2. You haven’t been handed a bad life

We’re not given a good life or a bad life. We’re given a life. It’s up to you to make it good or bad. Move on from your mistakes. Try something different. Remember you’ve won battles before that no one but you knew about and you can do it again. Be open to whatever comes next. Have the courage to follow your heart, it somehow knows what’s best for you.

3. Choose great thoughts every day

Learn to select great thoughts. Every morning ask yourself, ’What’s the greatest thought I could think today?” It might be something as simple as “I am amazing, or what if everything was easy today”. Then think it as often as you can. Thoughts propel you to your future fortune or future disasters.

4. Cultivate compassion

Reach out to those in need, those who are troubled and in pain. Don’t turn away because you’re afraid of being hurt or taken advantage of.

Take a risk.

Studies show that the more happiness you bring to others, the more happiness you feel. Remember love and compassion heal and soothe both the giver and the receiver.

5. Don’t load up on misery

Turn towards the light of those who inspire and elevate and encourage you. You can’t hang out with negative people, listen to negative stories and be immersed in all that’s wrong in the world and expect to live a positive life.

Your time is limited, don’t waste it. Time spent on thinking or talking about the blessings of life is time well used. Only invest your time in things that might add value to who you are.

6. Define success for yourself

Success isn’t what someone else says it is. It’s how you feel. It’s living your life in ways that make you happy. Create the highest, most wonderful vision for your life and set out to live it. Judge this day by the seeds you plant not by what you harvested yesterday.

7. Forget total mastery

Don’t bother trying to master every detail of your life, all you’ll get for your effort is frustration and disappointment. Instead search for those few things that make the most difference.

Practice the basics, the fundamentals of success and happiness that have been with us for centuries. Have a vision for your future, take inspired action, which means no action until your vision is clear, and maintain a positive attitude.

8. Act as if you matter.

When you act as if you’re master of your circumstances, you become so.

Don’t fall into the victim mindset. It’s easy to think you have no choice but to accept whatever comes your way. Not true. The mindset of not being enough might be loud and overbearing…don’t listen. Believe in yourself – that makes you a winner right away.

9. Don’t worry about the naysayers

don’t-get-sidetrackedSaveIt’s easy to allow people who are filled with negativity to take up space in our world. We come across naysayers constantly, some are colleagues, some are in our social circle and let’s be honest some are family members. Don’t allow them to have an impact on you.

Don’t get sidetracked from your path, step out of the fray and give yourself time to breathe. Try some aimless wondering, sit beneath a tree or in a garden and create some space for you to re-connect with YOUR values and truth.

10. Be brave

Be brave enough to listen to your intuition. It’s guidance from your soul. Miracles can happen when you listen to your higher self. Remember every stress, every feeling of worth or lack, every fear that has you in it’s grip was first created on the inside.

11. Choose to be extraordinary

Decide what makes life extraordinary for you and then be consistent in keeping this the main focus in your life. Remember to keep the main thing the main thing. To embark on the journey towards extraordinary requires courage. Be bold enough to choose your own path and strong enough to follow it.

12. Shape your life your way

Every decision you make. Every choice in every moment is developing and shaping your life. 80% of your life depends on how you manage your mindset.

Starting today, forget what’s gone before, appreciate all you’ve become and look forward to what’s coming next. You have the ability to find the opportunity in any situation. You have the ability to choose not to see challenges as worse than they are.

13. Believe in big things

Have little goals and you can expect little achievements. Have giant sized goals, far beyond anything you think you can accomplish and chances are high you’ll get big successes.

Big ideas and big plans are often no more difficult than smaller goals. Remember there’s no order of difficulty in miracles. Put your creative intelligence to positive use to find ways to win, not to prove you can’t do it.

14. Remember who you are

Never forget you are here on the planet to fulfill a purpose that only you can fulfill.

Don’t believe the lies that say you can’t do it. Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

You have incredible potential and even if you’ve been knocked off your feet today, you’re still designed for ultimate success and greatness and anyone who tells you anything different is lying to you.

15. Spiritually Speaking

If you look at all the things you desire to do, to have and to be from your current limited state, from your present limitations it seems to be impossible. Don’t let this stop you.

Drop this mindset and move into the state that says “I can do this and more.” That’s your point of power, that’s your natural state of being.

Assume the feeling that you are what you want to be until it feels normal and natural and watch your future dream become a present fact.

Over to you: is there something you have done that has brought you closer to your ridiculously happy and great life? Please let us know in the comments below.

My hope is that we, you and our community of encouragers, can share some of our ideas with each other and maybe spark a breakthrough for others.

Encourage one another.

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