What You Were In Your Past Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Ever felt connected to something that you could have no possible way of knowing or experiencing? Maybe you read something, or saw something in a movie, or feel a strange kinship with a person long since passed that you simply can’t explain. Perhaps, it’s not just an interest or fascination or something you saw in a dream. Perhaps, instead, it’s that you’ve already experienced it before!

The idea of having lived a past life is an interesting one, because there’s no real way to know for sure if we did rub elbows with Marilyn Monroe or were on board a ship that discovered a secret city centuries ago or conquered nations. Certain religions and spiritual schools of thought think that we are reincarnated over and over again before finally ending up in some version of heaven, and so perhaps there is a point in looking to our astrological signs to see if we can connect with a past that’s just out of our reach. The stars have been around a lot longer than us, so they might be the key to lives discern what lives we have previously lived. Maybe those strange dreams and attractions aren’t so strange after all!

12. Aries: Explorer

Known for your impatience and courage, it is quite likely that those born under the sign of Aries, like you, existed in the past as an adventurer or explorer. Rather than choose to discover new worlds simply out of curiosity, an Aries in a past life was all about staking their claim and being the first to find something that hadn’t yet been seen before.

To find new worlds is something that requires a great deal of inner strength and a willingness to take on challenges. Explorers and adventurers dealt with plenty of hardship in the early days of travel on ships and by foot, but a sign like Aries embraced the opportunity to show their mettle. The impulsivity that surrounds your sign also makes this past life a sure one for you, because explorers and adventurers won’t take no for an answer, and will set out to do what they want no matter how many people try to stop them.

11. Taurus: Artist

Those born under the sign of Taurus are know for their love of creature comforts, but these luxuries were hard to come by in the past. However, Taurus also loves art and beauty, and these were found in abundance throughout the centuries.

While your eye for aesthetics may mean you have an incredible wardrobe or a beautifully designed home now, in a past life you likely relied on the beauty and creativity your mind could conjure up in order to make the world around you a little prettier. Your sign works well with your hands, so in a past life, you would have loved to get your hands dirty with clay or paints in order to create something that would transcend time. Making your mark on the world is still of the utmost importance to you, and before, there was so much ugliness in the world as it came to be that you decided art was the way to make your name memorable and the world gorgeous.

10. Gemini: Celebrity

The interest in the arts and the innate social nature so often ascribed to Gemini is what made you a celebrity in a past life. While nowadays we think of famous people as those who litter our Instagram feed and walk the red carpet, in a past life you might have been an actor or someone of a noble pedigree, prone to wining, dining, and socializing.

Social situations are where a Gemini like you shines, and even in your past life you were much the same. Your curiosity and adaptability ensured that you could always keep up a lively conversation, and your passion for books and music meant that you felt at home on a stage. In the past, such occupations might have been hazardous, but you thrive in an environment that is anything but monotonous. Plus, your quick wit and affectionate nature ensured that no one could ever stay mad at you for long, so you likely breezed right on by!

9. Cancer: Writer

A highly imaginative sign like Cancer probably existed in a past life as a writer, owing to your impressive ability to read people but also your incredibly emotional side. Writers are known for being moody and tempestuous, which is very much like a Cancer, and they also tend to be homebodies who don’t care much for partying with others unless there is some intellectual currency to be gained.

As a writer in a past life, you likely found yourself living a rather solitary existence, and could have even died young, owing to the loneliness and melancholy which your sign is predisposed to. With that being said, you also likely had torrid love affairs that were built on a solid foundation of love letters or plays that pitched woo, but you rarely ended up together, since your sign can become tongue-tied and jealous without the comfort of the written word. Look to writers of the past who may have lived semi-dreary lives and you might find your past self!

8. Leo: Ruler

Owing to your current love of luxury and need to have all eyes on you at all times, it’s no surprise that in your past life, a Leo like you was likely living as a ruler. While Leo is known to be cheerful and good-humoured, they are also arrogant, stubborn, and rather lazy – all indicators of a ruler who let the little people do the work while he or she got to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

In your current life, you probably have been called a princess on more than a few occasions, and found that it suited you just fine. Perhaps that is because you were possibly a member of royalty or nobility in the past, so it’s no wonder you still prefer to be treated as such – you’ve become accustomed to it! Depending on which quality you allowed to take precedence in your past life, you could have been a benevolent and beloved ruler, or a tyrant who took from everyone around them.

7. Virgo: Scientist

A Virgo like you is a stickler for precision and very attentive to details. However, knowing exactly the way things ought to be doesn’t come without making a few mistakes first, so it’s quite possible that you were a scientist in a past life!

You understand the importance of hard work and will try things over and over again in order to make sure they’re exactly right. An analytical mind is one of the Virgo’s best attributes, and you sharpened yours regularly with intense experiments that likely changed the world as we know it! While creativity isn’t your strong suit, you have always appreciated the idea of figuring out a problem and learning how to solve it to your particular specifications. Your deep sense of humanity and loyal nature also means that you were likely a scientist whose main goal was the help people, rather than create or discover things that would be destructive.

6. Libra: Judge

As the sign of the scales, it’s quite fitting that you would have been a judge in a past life. You are still always intent on keeping the peace, but tend to find yourself torn between two sides in an effort to make everyone happy. In a past life, however, you would be presented with evidence and be able to dole out a judgment without fear of anger or admonishment because your word was, quite literally, law!

Depending on where you lived in a past life, you might have been big-league magistrate who presided over major cases that affected the lay of the land, or you could have been a smaller-time village judge, earning the respect and admiration of many of your peers. It is more likely to have been the latter, since partnership is incredibly important to a Libra, and working with the citizens of your town or village would have better allowed you to do good without being impeded by politics.

5. Scorpio: Con Artist

Resourceful and brave, Scorpio is known for having a secret, manipulative side that comes out whenever they feel jealous, suspicious, passionate – basically at any time! Owing to your dark side, it’s possible that you lived as a con artist in a past life, using your skills to scheme people out of their possessions and position yourself exactly where you wanted to be.

A Scorpio like you is incredibly charismatic, and you may have even had a string of ex lovers you used and abused to suit your own ends. Being a black widow who murdered her men for their money isn’t out of the question for you, either. Being of the planet Pluto, a Scorpio in a past life used the planet’s transformative properties to change their identities and lives as they saw fit, which means that you likely travelled from one place to the next with relative ease. You were both a lover and a fighter, and not a whole lot has changed since!

4. Sagittarius: Warrior

With your thirst for freedom and your refusal to ever be constrained, a Sagittarius like you was definitely a warrior of sorts in a past life. Sagittarius is the Archer, and this couldn’t be truer than your existence in the past. You tend to charge into situations without giving them a lot of thought, and will often say exactly what you think, no matter how undiplomatic.

Sagittarius is also known for their philosophical bent, and so you might take your warrior spirit to the intellectual side of things, in terms of activism. In a past life, you might have been a crusader for equal rights or on the front-lines when it came to political disputes, because you are just as fierce in your mind as you are in your body. Extroverted and optimistic, you have always hoped for the best and done all you can to ensure it happens, which is why warriors and activists are likely your past lives.

3. Capricorn: Boss

You love being in charge in your day-to-day life, and a social climber like you tends to have an old soul. Capricorn is not only one of the most traditional signs of the zodiac, they are also incredibly serious, so it’s quite likely that you’ve lived through more than a few lives, and kicked some serious butt in every single one!

A Capricorn like you looks out for number one, and so it’s quite likely that you were a boss in a past life, but not one who always played by the rules and was more than a little likely to cross over to the dark side. Mafia Dons, the head of a crime syndicate, a corrupt CEO funnelling funds elsewhere – all could have been a current Capricorn! Power is still an aphrodisiac for you, but one that you might question as to why it continues to have such a hold on you for so long.

2. Aquarius: Doctor

Aquarius may receive some flak for being dreamers, but in a past life, you were the kind of person people turned to in order to be saved. Your generous and humanitarian nature ensured that you were always taking care of others, specifically in healing practices.

Medicine is still an evolving science, but it is one that was often discouraged in times of religious rule on the suspicion of witchcraft. Those born under Aquarius like you are known to be progressive and independent, which means that, despite societal norms, you would have eschewed convention and continued to learn, in order to better your understanding of the human body and the ways in which that knowledge can help others. You likely would have fought for this to happen (perhaps you would have taken up with a Sagittarius!), and thanks to people like you in the past, medical science is where it is today!

1. Pisces: Philosopher

You have always had you head in the clouds, conjuring up fantastical worlds and imagining other realities, and so no past life suits a Pisces like you better than that of a philosopher. You’re fascinated with learning and possess a keener intuition than most of the other zodiac signs, and so a life dedicated to philosophy is very likely. In a past life, you probably wondered about how we came to be and what it all means, what constitutes good and evil, and the big questions about life.

While Pisces hates to be alone, your past life was likely a solitary one, in order for you to better answer the questions that plagued your mind. Now, in your current life, you probably try to connect with other people in order to make up for lost time, but you still frequently find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of your deep musings, because spirituality and philosophy are some of your core interests.

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