Marilyn Monroe’s Final Photo Session Shows A Kaleidoscope Of Emotions Before Her Tragic Death

On July 4th 1962, Richard Meryman begins an interview with Marilyn for LIFE magazine. Unbeknownst to anyone,it would be her last.  Meryman repeatedly asked Marilyn for a photo shoot to accompany the article, to which she finally agreed.

The photographer who was chosen for the session was Allan Grant, who was born in New York City, and famously photographed people such as Grace KellyAudrey Hepburn, and Richard Nixon during his career.

Grant ended up doing the photo-shoot in Marilyn’s home, and she went through a kaleidoscope of emotions. LIFE published the article by Meryman on August 3rd, 1962. Marilyn died two days later.

These photos truly are the last of Marilyn Monroe, a beautiful woman, inside and out, who will be dearly missed by all.