Big Hair: A Collection Of 80s Hairstyles Everyone Wishes Could Be Forgotten Forever

Just like the ‘60s bouffant and the ‘50s pompadour, the 1980s had its own signature look: Bad perms, crimping irons, hair gel and more Aqua Net than you can shake a stick at.

If I remember correctly, some of these horrible atrocities followed us into the 90s, but luckily they never made it past that point.

If you were lucky enough to grow up during the 80s, then you probably had your share of embarrassing photos you wish no one would ever see again. Lucky for the rest of you, we have this wonderful trip down memory lane to take via a sprawling collection of fashionable hairstyles from the 80s.

Recognize any of these physics-defying hairdos?

Good Lord, the bangs…

Self-made mullet.

“The tornado only hit half of me” look.

Remember “teasing” your hair?

The trifecta: crimping, AquaNet, and teasing.

The family that sprays together, stays together.

Going to hang out with David Lee Roth later?

The elegant porcupine.

The sad poodle.

And finally, don’t forget the “I’ve been electrocuted” look.