10 Signs That You Might Be an Introverted Sensor

Introverted sensing (or Si for short) is one of the most misunderstood cognitive functions in the personality community. Many people make assumptions about Si-users as being overly-traditional or rule-following to a fault. So today I want to talk about what it REALLY feels like to have introverted sensing in your function stack.

What Is Introverted Sensing?


Introverted sensing is a perceiving (information-gathering) function. It focuses on the subjective, internal world of personal experience and compares and contrasts new experiences to past experiences and memories. Si-users tend to notice patterns repeating themselves and are quick to spot changes or inconsistencies in their environment. They trust personal experience and subjectively explore the impact of current events, choices, and consequences.


10 Signs That You Might Be an Introverted Sensing Personality Type


#1 – I Compare and Contrast A Lot


I easily notice inconsistencies and changes in the environment and with the people I care about. I can tell when a current experience doesn’t line up with what I know from the past. I can tell when someone’s behavior and attitude is changing. I notice how new things are similar or different from things I’ve experienced before. I think about the impact of changes a lot.


#2 – I Enjoy Recalling and Reliving Favorite Past Experiences


When I remember a favorite experience in my past I can instantly recall how I felt then, and many of the significant details of that experience. I like having photos to look at and home videos to remind me of just how special that experience was to me, but I know they can never amount to the stored images I have in my mind. I enjoy reminiscing and have a certain sense of nostalgia.


#3 – I Like Having a Routine and Structure To My Day


Knowing what to expect and having a familiar routine and schedule makes me feel relaxed and at ease in my life. I enjoy having my coffee at a certain time, and doing my shopping on a certain day at a certain place.


#4 – I Learn Quickly From My Mistakes

I rarely repeat the same mistakes because I learn a lot through personal experience and make a mental note not to repeat the same pattern again.

#5 – I Remember Significant People and Moments in Vivid Detail

I can remember what clothes I wore on my 5th birthday or the smell of autumn in the air. I can remember the favorite perfumes of my best friends or every detail about my first computer. I don’t remember the details of everything perfectly, but of the things that were personally significant to me.

#6 – I Quickly Notice When Something Is Out Of Place

If I go into a building or room I can usually tell pretty quickly if something has changed or been re-arranged. I notice improvements and upgrades very quickly.

#7 – I Like to Do Things In a Systematic Order

I like sequential instructions and going from A to B to C and thoroughly ensuring a project is done well. I am very painstaking and careful in my work.

#8 – I Trust Facts Over Inspiration

I like clear, concise facts and am skeptical of abstract, unproven methods and ideas. I am very practical and people tend to call me down-to-earth. I enjoy using tried-and-true methods in my work.

#9 – I Want My Conversation to Have a Real-World Application

I can enjoy discussing philosophies and theoretical possibilities, but eventually I want to discuss things that really apply to my life now. I like having a plan and planning. I like making a tangible difference in the world around me and if a conversation doesn’t have a practical purpose I can get bored or restless. I’d rather talk about projects, activities, and goals than inspirations and theories.

#10 – I Have A Good Sense of Humor – But I Don’t Always Share It

On the outside I can seem serious, but on the inside I enjoy noticing a lot of details and relationships and impressions that other people don’t. I see humor in a lot of everyday experiences that pass other people by. When I do know someone well, it can surprise them that I have a very offbeat, unpredictable, and sometimes irreverent sense of humor.

Does this sound like you? Then you are an Introverted Sensor. But, if you are more reliant on how you feel, than you are on logic and facts, you may be an Introverted IntuitiveCheck out the article here on being an Introverted Intuitive.


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