Painful Places To Get Tattooed, Ranked From Least To Most Painful

Getting a tattoo is painful. It just is. You are, after all, having a needle make a bunch of tiny punctures in your skin to place ink inside of you. Though it’s going to be painful regardless of where you put the tattoo pen, there are obviously going to be some places that are worse than others. Ever wonder where are the worst places to get tattooed? We did the painful research so you won’t have to…

Have you ever gotten a tattoo in a very painful place? Where did you get it, and was it as bad as we described? Tell us in the comments below.

#15: Your Chest. Though you’d think that you have a high pain tolerance in your chest, most of your torso is actually quite sensitive. People who have a tattoo in this area often will wince at the pain alone, and when you factor in the longer healing time, it can be a pretty nasty experience overall. There is some good news, though. If you have some extra weight, this can make the area less painful.

#14: Your Upper Back. Much like your chest, this area tends to be tough to tattoo and often has a lot of nerve endings. This is why most tattoo artists advise newbies against trying to get a tattoo on their spine or shoulders. And, much like with chest tattoos, it can take time to heal. Since it’s hard to keep lotion on these areas, they’re also more prone to infections. Ouch!

#13: Your Knees And Elbows. The boniness of your body at these points mean that you’ll feel the needle going straight into your bone. Moreover, the poor quality of skin means that you might have to go over each line a couple of extra times. Expect to feel it right down to your nerves!

#12: Your Neck. Neck tattoos are notoriously painful, and considering how many nerves are on your neck, it’s easy to see why most people might shy away from it. Most people who have a neck tattoo, even with a high level of pain tolerance, will be crying from pain.

#11: Your Hands And Feet. Remember how we said that having bony parts of your body means that you’ll end up feeling the needle’s sting a lot more? Unless you have some very unusual anatomical issues, your hands and feel are some of the most bony in your body. Expect to be crying in pain if you get inked here.

#10: Your Wrists. Your wrists have a surprising amount of nerve endings in them, and to make matters worse, they also happen to be bony. Most people who have had wrist tattoos have said that the pain gets to be unbearable after only a few minutes.

#9: Your Face. Facial tattoos garner a lot of respect among tough guys for a number of reasons – the most obvious being that you actually could withstand the pain of getting a facial tattoo. The skin on your face is usually the most sensitive on your body, and much like your hands, feet, and wrists, tends to be fairly thin. Tears are common, as are break times.

#8: Your Stomach. With all the organs you have in your gut, it only makes sense that it will end up being a very painful experience for you. Moreover, this tends to be a way more painful area for women – especially during that time of the month. To make matters even worse, this isn’t even an area that you can typically “lay off of,” so it’ll also hurt while it heals, too.

#7: The Inner Thigh. Inner thigh tattoos tend to be extremely painful, particularly if you tend to find this place to be a “sexual spot.” The nerves in this area tend to go straight to your groin, and much like with other hotspots on this list, this area isn’t exactly easy to avoid brushing against while it heals. If you get an inner thigh tattoo, you should expect to walk funny for a while.

#6: Right Underneath Your Ribs. Most people will scream in pain if they get tapped in this area, let alone tattooed. At this point, you’ve crossed the point where most people will be willing to stay put to finish the tattoo. In some cases, the pain can be so great that the tattooed person can pass out.

#5: The Nipples. If you think that ribs are bad, then don’t even go near your nips! These are some of the most sensitive parts of your body, and most people will pass out from pain if they get them done. Wearing shirts can be extremely painful, and healing times tend to be absurdly long.

#4: The Inside Of Your Knees. This is one of the few places where huge amounts of nerve endings all collide. A large percentage of people who try to get a tattoo inside of their knees tend to cry, abort the tattoo, or even just pass out in the chair. If you do, don’t feel bad. You’re not alone!

#3: Your Armpits. Every single issue you’d run into with the inside of your knees, you will run into with your armpits. To make matters worse, this also has a very long healing time, a very high chance of infection, and also is brutally painful to deal with on a daily basis. You might want to avoid armpit tattoos as a whole.

#2: Your Genitals. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but penis and vagina tattoos are horrifically painful. And, depending on what equipment you have, the healing time can take weeks or even months. Most people pass out in the chair when they get this done – or so we’d think. For the sake of being able to let you sleep at night, we won’t even go into what could happen if you get infected here.

#1: Your Eyes And Eyelids. The only place with skin more sensitive than your genitalia is your eyes. Most people scream, cry, and faint when they have an eyelid tattoo done. One man who got inked here said, “I cried ink for two straight days.”

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