The Way You Brush Your Hair Can Either Promote Health, Or Cause Damage

Can you actually brush your hair the wrong way? Apparently, yes you can. So, while you have been doing everything right with the hair products, hair care rituals and the works, you have been actually ignoring the way you have been brushing the hair.

How? Well, we have rounded up some hair brushing tips that might help you. Here you go.

Never brush from the root to tip

It’s a really bad idea to comb your hair from root to tip, especially if it’s already tangled or intensely wavy and curly. You will just end up giving excessive stress to your hair, not to mention all those tugs will be painful for you too; and all this will eventually lead to hair breakage. Instead, always start from the bottom and then work your way up. Using your fingers to loosen the knots is always a good idea.

You are brushing wet hair

Nothing good can come from brushing wet hair since it is more prone to breakage then dry hair. Instead, use a scalp brush in the shower and work through your hair after applying conditioner. Steer clear from brushing your hair after shower untill it’s dry. If you have to use a wide toothed comb and use a gentle hand.

You don’t clean your brush

An unclean brush is a health hazard; ok not really, but yikes. All that gunk on your brush can be really unhygenic. Over time the brush gets deposited with all the hair products and other things that you might be putting on your hair; and you don’t really want to put those back on your hair back, do you? That’s why you need to clean your brush every week. Never forget!

You aren’t brushing your hair enough

We all know how brushing too much isn’t something that you should do, but not brushing your hair even once during the day can be a total mistake. It’s healthy to brush your hair a couple of times a day as this conditions your strands by distributing hair oils and helps keep your scalp healthy.

Via Blush