How To Harness The Spiritual Healing Power Of Sage

The ancient Romans used sage to help digestion, and burned dried sage in sick rooms as it was believed to aid healing magically and bring forth healing spirits. Charlemagne so strongly believed in this healing herb that in 812 CE, he decreed that every farm must grow some sage. He said: “Any healer with sage growing in his or her garden has an elixir of good health right outside the door.”

In the Middle Ages, three sage leaves eaten at dawn were said to keep evil spirits away, and for a long time, travelers carried the herb to attract good luck and dispel the bad or negative. There is an old Arab saying to the effect of ‘if your sage grows well, you will live a long time’.

Both the Aztecs and Native Americans called it the running herb, and ate some before going hunting for good luck and to ask the spirits not to get injured. Sage is a hardy herb that will survive the winter in your garden or even a sheltered pot outside. If the winter is mild, you can even harvest through the year, or use it as a border for a beautiful garden path!

Useful Ways To Harness The Power Of Sage

1 Gargle with sage tea or add a handful of dried sage to a bath to promote well-being during the coming cold season.

2 Smudge your home by lighting a tight bundle of dried sage, then put out the flames and let it smoulder, creating a fragrant smoke. Walk around your home counter-clockwise, letting the smoke waft everywhere and paying particular attention to corners and windows. As you do so, visualise any negativity, bad spirits and gossip being caught up in the smoke and disappearing.

3 If you have elderly relatives or neighbours, honour them by making a dish with sage in it and invite them to dinner. They may share nuggets of wisdom to share that may help you in life!

Sage is a potent healing herb. Its name comes from the Latin “salvere”, meaning “to be saved” – and for good reason! It can help not only magically, but also medicinally in tea, tinctures or baths to ease sore throats, inflammation, for use as an anti-antiperspirant, and helps with menopausal symptoms, too. Washing grey hair with sage can make the hair darker and more vibrant!

h/t SoulAndSpiritMagazine