Wealthy People Are Injecting Themselves With The Blood Of The Young

In a bizarre new trend, rich people are pumping themselves full of the blood of young people in an attempt to prevent themselves from aging.

Over 100 people have participated in a clinical trial offering blood transfusions for older patients. The participants are injected with plasma taken from younger patients. Each trial costs approximately $8,000 per participant.

Promising results. Researchers running the trials have said that the results so far have been promising. Critics, however, argue that there is no evidence to support the transfusion treatment.

Plasma Blood plasma from younger people (typically teenagers) is injected into the wealthy, older patients. The median age of the participants is 60.

The blood supply. Reportedly, the researchers buy the blood directly from blood banks. It has not been disclosed how much the clinicians pay for the blood they purchase.

From the inside out. Transfusion therapy has been described as plastic surgery from the inside out. The study has raised serious ethical concerns.

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Plastic surgery becomes commonplace. Plastic surgery has become a regular part of American society. Thetalko.com reports “plastic surgery involves any procedure that shapes and molds a person’s body to make it look different than it originally did. Some of the most common procedures are rhinoplasty, which involves changing the size or shape of the nose, and rhytidectomy, also known as a facelift. Of course, there are plenty of other procedures, just like there are plenty of celebrities who have cosmetically altered themselves. However, more and more “regular” people are deciding to get plastic surgery, as well. Since the trend is becoming more popular, the days of plastic surgery being frowned upon are quickly coming to an end.”

Ancient Egyptian anti-aging methods. Ancient Egyptians Used an Oil Known to Transform “an Old Man into a Young Man”Fenugreek, a Mediterranean herb, is believed to be the sole ingredient of an ancient oil ritual that’s, well, a lot of work.Here’s how it went down: Two sacks stuffed with fenugreek plants were required. These were then “broken up” and left in the sun to dry. After they dried, they were threshed, winnowed, and finally divided into two piles of seeds and pods, reports Marie Claire.

Equal amounts of these were combined and mixed with water and kneaded to form a “dough” which was then boiled in a pot of water. The water has to completely evaporate, and then the dough is cooled. It’s then washed with river water until the water reveals no bitter taste. After drying in the sun (yes, AGAIN), the dough is ground on a millstone and steeped in water, forming a *soft * dough. (Are you still with us? You get a cookie.) Finally, the dough is placed in a pot and simmered over a fire until some oil begins to rise to the surface. That oil is then skimmed into a stone jar and rubbed all over your body to keep it lookin’ GOOD and blemish-free. BOOM.

Crocodile dung to stay young. Romans and Greeks Used Crocodile DungIn ancient times, Greeks and Romans mixed a special ingredient with mud to create a mask that would keep them looking youthful. The ingredient? Crocodile dung. In fact, full tubs were filled with the mixture to create a bath for spa-goers. We bet it smelled amazing.

The Blood Countess. A Famous Countess/Serial Killer Bathed in the Blood of Her Victims to Stay YoungIn the 15th century, Countess Elizabeth Báthory de Ecsed of the Kingdom of Hungary apparently killed and mutilated hundreds of young women, and then bathed in their blood to retain her youth. Um…yeah. (FYI, blood as an anti-ager hasn’t gone away. In fact, one MTV: True Life participant bathed in pig blood to keep from aging.)

Mercury. Victorian Women Used Mercury to Remove Wrinkles. Victorian women used mercury to make their mugs look straight up beautiful and youthful, since it got rid of acne and hit wrinkles and scars. It did this because it was corroding the surface of the skin. That’s science for you.

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