7 Amazing Things Happen When You Walk Barefoot On The Earth

Humans evolved in environments that included us walking barefoot on the earth and sleeping on the ground or in trees. Yet, over time, we have become more sophisticated and economically prosperous. We have become more disconnected with the earth’s energy.


Today we live in concrete-filled cities, wearing shoes for most of our day and rarely, except on vacation, allow our feet to make contact with Mother Earth. Thus, it is little wonder that our energy may seem low or that we feel disconnected from Life.


We are energetic beings, and electrical energy animates everything we do. Consider that our brains produce electrical signals that control all of our functions. Also imagine our bodies emitting an energy field. Just like it is critical that your home’s electrical system is properly grounded, so too is it important that our bodies are grounded as well.



Earthing is a term for making contact with the natural ground with our bodies, be it grass or beach sand. The theory with earthing is that being in contact with the earth allows negatively charged electrons emitted by the earth to flow into our system.



Grounding for Life: 7 Health Benefits of Re-connecting with Mother Earth

1. Sleep Better


First, studies show that grounding helps improve quality of sleep. Early indicators suggest this is related to lowering levels of cortisol in the system. It also resynchronizes your 24-circadian rhythm profile.


If sleeping on the ground is not an option, or does not seem appealing to you, you can try sleeping on “grounding sheets.” These electrically conductive sheets are electrically connected to your home’s neutral wire by being plugged into the wall.


2. Reduce Chronic Inflammation


Inflammation is strongly associated with chronic illness. Reducing it can help improve symptoms of conditions and allow your body to heal faster.


Inflammation results from oxidation that free radicals released into your body cause. Stress, poor diet, and other environmental factors contribute to oxidative stress in the body.

Thus, earthing advocates the belief that the earth emits excess electrons into our bodies, counteracting free radical that inflammation induces. In essence, the earth brings balance to our bodies by donating excess electrons that otherwise are lost due to the stress we experience.

3. Stop Being Shocked

Getting your body more grounded can help reduce how often and severely static electricity can shock you. By being grounded, you discharge any voltage in your body before the static charge can build up.

4. Improved Mood

Studies show that being in nature improves people’s mood. Camping, hiking, or simply spending time in a city park can do wonders for a person’s demeanor. Escaping the concrete jungle for a relaxing respite in nature is a wonderful thing. So, the next time you are at a park bench, kick off your shoes and put your feet on the grass.

5. Heal Faster

Also, experiments show how grounded flowers live and bloom much longer than their ungrounded counterparts. Similarly, researches show that people tend to heal faster by being grounded as well.

Injured racers in the Tour De France already take advantage of this fact by using special bags or other connections to ground themselves and recover.

6. Improve Cardiac and Circulatory Health

A study showed that grounding helps improve blood flow. Red blood cells are high in iron, a magnetic mineral. When you ground the body, the cells end up with the same charge and repel each other. This allows less clumping.

7. Recover Faster from Workouts

Are you tired of having sore muscles after working out? Being regularly grounded can help you recover more rapidly from Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). You will see your muscle function improve. This can help you reduce the amount of time you spend with an ice pack, trying to soothe your sore muscles so you can get back in the game.

Getting Grounded

Unfortunately, the shoes we wear act as insulators that prevent us from making contact with the earth. One easy way to get grounded is to take your shoes off and walk barefoot. If you camp and sleep on the ground (on your sleeping bag), your body is closer to the ground, allowing you to connect to the earth.

By Julian Kaufmann | TheHealthFlash |  Visit JulianKaufmann.com for more information.