Signs You Have Isolophilia: A Strong Preference for Solitude, A desire to be Left Alone

Ever felt that your own company is much more fulfilling than others? Would you rather be left alone often?

Isolophilia is referred to as having a strong affection and preference for solitude, and to be alone. This is not necessarily a negative term either, or something that has negative effects. For some people, this can be as simple as preferring their own company, and going out by themselves to eat or go for coffee. Or perhaps just feeling much more comfortable by themselves.

Link to Introverted Personalities

This may be a trait that is stronger in people who are introverted. Introverted personalities are characterized as more quiet and reserved than others, who feel more comfortable not being in social settings.

This is because social settings and interactions, such as parties, meeting with others, can become very overwhelming and stressful. Especially when urged by others to be more engaged. Introverts can often feel exhausted by social interaction that is overwhelming.

Therefore, would rather engage less in talking and interacting with others, by taking comfort in being alone.

Isolophilia can be seen as a trait of strong introvertism. This can be considered different from a normal introvert, whose social habits often mean they are enjoying social events when attended for some time. However, after a while would prefer to go home to relax by themselves. Long exposure to social interaction can create fatigue.

Within the Modern World

In the modern world where socialising has become much easier due to the presence of social media, social gaming and dating websites, engaging in being alone has been pushed further away.

This is a attempt to no longer ‘feel lonely’ – to move away from experiencing solitude. But psychology suggest that actively engaging in solitude allows us order our own emotions, adjust ourselves to changes and to be more creative people.

It gives us time to rest, physically and emotionally, and helps us to connect to others in more meaningful ways.  Despite being social beings, having this important alone time is essential.

Therefore, those with isolophilia, may give themselves more opportunities to develop as a person in many different ways, especially emotionally and psychologically.

by : ROSY EVANS | Psych2Go