Surrounding Yourself With Negative People Can Actually Kill You, According To Science

You know that friend you have who is constantly complaining about something, even on the perfect day?

Yeah, she’s killing you. Not in an “oh, you’re killing me with these vibes” kind of way, but in the literal, ending-your-life-sooner kind of way.

We’ve always known that being around negative people can have a bad impact on your mood and view of the world. The more time you spend with people who see that perennially half-empty glass, the more likely you are to see it that way, too.

But according to Inc, negativity can be even more toxic than you may think, and in more ways than you think.

For example, being around people who upset you can lead to: “high blood pressure, stress, anxiety, headaches, and poor circulation… one five-minute episode of anger is so stressful it can impair your immune system for more than six hours…and can lead to more serious problems such as heart attacks and strokes.”

Yikes. Pretty scary, especially considering you can’t avoid being negative entirely. Shit happens, bad events occur in your life and sometimes you can’t help but be in an awful mood. But surrounding yourself with negative people can not only ruin your day, it can ruin your health.

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What’s more, negativity is seriously contagious, so spending time with negative people can have lasting effects even after you leave their company.

Inc reported,

“The more time you spend with [negative people] around you, the more you will become like them… we start to imitate facial expressions, posture and even tone of voice of those we spend a lot of time with. Most importantly, we adopt their mental state as well. Since we’re empathetic people, we feel with them. If they’re in a bad mood, so will we be.”

In other words, the people you spend time with can have lasting effects on your mood, health, and your general state of well-being.

Congratulations. You just found the perfect reason to stop texting that one friend of yours who always finds a reason to complain about her coffee to the barista. Delete her number and never look back.

By Caroline Claire Burke | XObenzo