6 Surprising Disadvantages of Being Highly Intelligent

Just because you’re smart, that doesn’t mean you’re going to have an easy life. In fact more than a few things in life can be even harder for you than others. What most people don’t realize is that being highly intelligent means you have to deal with struggles every single day, and others can be completely oblivious to them.

Recently, I stumbled across this interesting thread on  Quora titled, “When does intelligence become a curse?

1. You often think than express your feelings.

One of the most common problems for super smart people is that they often use their cognitive than their emotional skills to solve problems. Although they understand their emotions as well as other people’s emotions, they never feel the relief of expressing them. While others express their emotions through physicality like laughing, jumping for joy, punching or running, intelligent people explain it.

2. People oftentimes expect you to be the best.

According to one study published on Psychology Today, parents are generally most anxious about their children’s achievements when their kids are smart and already performing well in school. That’s because when you’re extremely intelligent, people frequently expect you to be a top performer. As a result, you might be afraid to take risks for fear of failing.

3. People can get annoyed or offended by your actions.

Extremely smart people often have the urge to correct mistakes or inaccuracies in simple conversations. Doing so may actually offend or embarrass other people and they could be at risk of losing some friends. That’s why there’s a need for them to be extra sensitive.

4. You think you can get by with less effort than other people.

According to Business Insider, extremely intelligent people may never develop the perseverance needed to succeed. Many smart people who believe they can get by with less effort may not develop the value of hard work and strong work ethic.

5. You have the tendency to overthink things.

Super intelligent people often have difficulty making a choice because they spend so much time contemplating and analyzing the consequences of their decision.

6. You tend to underestimate yourself.

Interestingly, extremely smart people know the limits of their own cognition. A classic study by Justin Kruger and David Dunning revealed that the more intelligent you are, the more you underestimate your cognitive abilities and vice versa.