The Shape Of Your Fingernail Reveals Something About Your Personality


You may find them quite the head-scratcher, but did you know that people’s different fingernail shapes may reveal in a lot about the character and personality of that person? We have compiled a few examples of different types of fingernails with their corresponding characteristics. Go ahead and see which one is yours!


As tiny and insignificant as they may seem, our fingernails have a number of important functions to perform—from protecting the sensitive nerve-endings of our fingertips, to assisting our grip, to just scratching a common itch. But besides these, the shape of your fingernails—long, short, round, square—may reveal something about your personality.


Here are a few interpretations of personality types based on the shape of your head scratchers:


1. Long nails


Long and rectangular nails could mean that you are an outgoing and happy person with oodles of intelligence, wit and humor. You may often be eager to learn new things, meet new people and experience new things.


As for your work, you are a cautious and thoughtful individual, who believes in the “measure twice, cut once” principle. You pay great attention to detail and working carefully; and you do not mind putting in some hard work to get the job done well.


2. Wide nails


This could mean you are sharp and observant. You weigh your words carefully before you speak, and are a good judge of character. Due to your foresight and observant nature, friends often seek you out for advice.


You prefer to create things that work well, rather than something that merely looks good.  You are also ready to put in a lot of hard work to achieve the desired goal.


3. Short and round nails

You are the creative type with a flair for drama. You are both strong and determined, but also full of fun and excitement. You project a kind of strength that attracts people to you. Your strength of character shows in the way you stand up for your loved ones (come what may) in order to protect and take care of them.

You display your strength of character by facing challenges head-on in a daring and courageous manner—though sometimes you may come across as stubborn; but then, that is just because you are so sure of yourself!

4. Rectangular or squarish nails

You are an organized, systematic worker, and extremely realistic in the approach you take. You are a born leader and do not shirk from taking responsibility. People trust you, so you end up taking on difficult and important tasks.

You are meticulous and thorough in your work, and like to do a good job. On the surface, you may appear to be dull and boring and always thinking about work, but under all that you are fun-loving, and enjoy having a good time.

5. Triangular nails

This less common shape means that you are the kind of person who knows what he wants. Clear on what your goal is, if you want something, you ask for it. You come across as passionate and stubborn in trying to achieve that single-minded purpose.

You do not believe in laborious ‘donkey’ work at all. In fact, your motto is “work smart, not hard.” You work with your head before you get your hands dirty on a project, making sure you will not unnecessarily waste time and effort when the actual work begins.

6. Oval nails

You are a creative, gentle and loving soul. You are extremely sensitive and appreciative of beautiful things around you. You remain calm and peaceful in times of adversity, and people are attracted to you for this reason. When others need a cool head to calm their agitated nerves, they seek you out.

Although you may seem to have put your foot into a lot of projects, that’s actually just how you like it—and then you work on the projects with all your heart and passion. You like to keep yourself busy, especially when it means you can reach out to people. You are a passionate lover, and you love with all your heart.

7. Uneven cuticles

Unique, uneven cuticles may mean you have a unique lifestyle, and that is reflected in all aspects of your life—from your style of clothing, choice of music, the food you like… everything. You like to do things your way, and you stay clear from the ordinary. When others are looking to change things up a bit, they seek you out, because you are so different.

For you, life is about working hard, but also means you have to have fun; not being too frivolous, while not being too strict on yourself either. Some work and some play is your formula for success. This keeps you happy and occupied at all times.

Now did we or didn’t we nail it? Next time, check out your friend’s finger tips and see if these observations apply to them.