Scientists Say A Person’s Hand Shape Reveals Dominant Traits In Their Personality

It’s nothing new to know that our palms can tell us things about our lives, but scientists have revealed some information that proves that shape of our hands say things about our personality traits.

Does Each Finger Carry Its Own Meaning?

Yes. Just as with the palm, the fingers on your dominant hand typically showcase your work and public personality, while the fingers on your other hand relate to your behavior at home and in close relationships. Every person has some strong fingers and some weak ones. The stronger a particular finger, the more likely you are to exemplify its personality traits.


1. Determine your strong hand

This is simple: you’re either right- or left-handed. Your lead hand’s palm and fingers reflect your business and personal qualities, while the fingers on your other hand tell about your attitude to your close ones.


2. Determine your strong and weak fingers

Every person has strong and weak fingers, and the stronger some of them are, the more expressed are certain traits of your character. If a finger is bent, leaning to another one or forward, or can’t do certain things, it’s weak. If a finger is long and straight, then it’s strong.


These are the dominant characteristics associated with each individual finger. If this one is your strongest…


Thumb: Drive to succeed.


Index finger: Power, authority, vision, and influence.


Middle finger: Accountability, efficiency, security, growth, and wisdom.


Ring finger: Creativity, self-expression, and a yearning to be in the spotlight.


Pinkie: Communication style.


The shape of your fingers says a lot about you as well!

Round fingertips: You desire harmony and avoid disapproval.

Square or flat fingertips:
You strive for precision and loathe vagueness.

Spatulate fingertips (broad and flared): You love originality and despise routine.

Pointed fingertips: You like to put off practical affairs in favor of pursuing the unusual and the mystical.

Can You Learn Anything From the Spaces Between Your Fingers?

Yes. Rest your hands naturally on a flat surface, or hold them up comfortably up in the air. If your fingers are widely spread apart, then you’re probably independent and open to new experiences. If your fingers are held tightly together, you may be cautious, guarded, and self-contained. If your middle and ring fingers are spread apart, you’re not easily influenced by popular opinion. If those two fingers are close together, you tend to bend to societal expectations and rules. Look at the space between your pinkie and ring finger, too. If it’s extremely wide, that’s a sign that you’re dodging important conversations and that your relationships at home or at work could be suffering as a result. If the pinkie and ring finger are an average space apart (compare them to friends’ hands for a gauge), that means you’re an independent thinker.

What about the size of your hands?

People With Small Hands Take Immediate Action

These folks don’t beat around the bush. When something needs to be done, these guys jump on it. You have an awesome, practical, “common sense” way of looking at the world.

Large Handed Folks Are Often Perfectionists

If you like things “just so”, check your hands while you’re rearranging your bookshelf by publishing date. Are they larger than the average Joe? If so, you know. Large-handed people are thought to be sensitive.

Sources: Diply,, RealSimple

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