To Everyone Who Overthinks, Here Is Why It’s Not A Bad Thing

By Parag Kadam | FilterCopy

It doesn’t matter what hour of the day it is, what we’re up to, or which corner of the planet we’re in, our mind just doesn’t stop thinking.

These thoughts are not essentially a part of the productive affair, but they just randomly occur to us from nowhere. There can be no relevance to what we’re actually doing and what thought cycle is going on in our heads. I have often faced an issue while trying to control my thoughts, but ended up overthinking even more and for a longer duration.

As time passed by, I realised that not all thoughts deserve so much attention, nor can they be controlled. The only thing that matters is to allow your thoughts to flow in and focus on each of the concepts that your mind is feeding you.

In a pool of such infinite thoughts, the creative and the most meaningful concepts are hidden somewhere. No one really is sure about how potentially capable of coming up with great concepts they are. While all such thoughts in your head constantly bother you, the best way to deal with them is to be picky about what you really think is the best thought that has occurred to you and apply it to make things work in the right direction

Like American screenwriter and producer, David Lynch said,

“Ideas are like fish. You don’t make a fish, you catch a fish”

All that matters in a situation like this is to relax, focus, give it sometime, and then build on that thought you truly believe would make a difference in your life and to the world. If you’ve thought of something, there surely is a possibility that someone else has had that thought too. The only difference in both the cases is the application and the effort put in to turn that idea into reality.

Jot your ideas everyday. Or better, every night. Keep a notepad. Build a mind palace. Doodle. Pour out all the chaos in your mind. Try to trace your train of thought. It is such a fun exercise and you’ll be surprised with the things you come up with.

Good luck!