Research Links Anxiety Disorders To These Superpowers

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For those who suffer from it, there is no bright side. There’s no light at the end of the psychological tunnel, to positive to be drawn out of what is wholly a negative experience. The fact that it happens regularly, often without warning, and with little hope of a reprieve makes it all the more problematic. While it sounds like the mental malady du jour of the 2010s, anxiety is nothing to mock. It’s a real problem with troubling and truly terrifying consequences.


Anxiety Disorders And Panic Attacks…

They Are A Serious Challenge For Millions All Over The Globe


But there are some who suggest that such emotional turmoil is actually hiding something, perhaps, more helpful? In fact, there’s a growing consensus which suggests that people who suffer with anxiety disorders may actually possess powers others of us do not have. No, we aren’t saying that a panic attack is actually shorthand for a hidden superhero’s strength. But there are some intriguing correlations of note.


But They Could Be Hiding Secret Powers…

For one, anxiety can be traced back far in our evolutionary path, back to when we had to live by our instincts and our wits. Scientists in France and now suggesting that this gives individuals with the condition a “life saving sixth sense” with the ability to detect and defeat threats in as little as 200 milliseconds. New York researchers are also finding a distinct link between increased IQ – genius levels and higher – and those with anxiety disorders.


Increased Empathy

People With Anxiety Are Also Known To Have A Strong Instinct To Survive…

Because they appear to be obsessed with how other people feel, another group is suggesting that people with anxiety are far more empathetic than the average Joe or Jane. They could read emotions without obvious outward signs. But the most intriguing power may be the ability to sense other’s energies. Sometimes, people and circumstances trigger an anxiety attack. Others do not. This may be because of the auras being given off. So while there’s no real positive with anxiety disorders, sufferers may be able to utilize these hidden talents to make the attacks more bearable.

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