Humans beings have bio-electrical systems, so prolonged daily exposure to artificial EMF’s can interfere with key biological processes. Precious gemstones and crystals have long been worn for decorative purposes but the ancients knew about their powerful healing and protective properties! Are we now remembering this ancient wisdom that was lost?


Learn about these five ‘energy’ crystals for reducing Electromagetic Radiation (EMR)! You’ll be amazed….


Over the last century, and the last 20 years in particular, we have surrounded ourselves with many new sources of EMFs… anything which has an electric current flowing produces an EMF! As time goes on, we seem to have even more electronic gadgets, holding them closer to our bodies which are electromagetic in nature (think EKG and EEG!). These gadgets all radiate energy, producing electromagnetic waves known as EMR, so the question is how much do they really affect our health and well-being, especially with prolonged use?


Today’s high tech gadgets have a SAR rating, which is the amount of heating deemed safe for any particular device. The amount of energy involved is proportional to the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation, and to the amount of power being used. This is important but often overlooked in the race to get ahead, technologically speaking!


Did you know that standing next to a high power transmitter can cause burns in the same way a microwave cooks food?!


Other effects are not fully understood yet….


We also do not know what the long term effects of mobile phones and wifi are since they are very recent innovations. Whilst there have been many calls for more in-depth research, we are somewhat acting as guinea pigs in the meantime!


Obviously, avoiding electromagnetic fields completely is an impossible task, so it’s probably a good idea to develop strategies to reduce exposure to EMR.


While not a definitive or complete list, the reported problems have included:

  • Fatigue
  • Joint and muscle pain
  • Decreased attention span
  • Memory loss
  • Insomnia
  • Cardiac palpations
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Anxiety

Possible strategies include:

  • Reducing the amount of time spent at the computer, give yourself a ‘budget’ of screen time per week, and don’t go over it!
  • Don’t hold your phone close to your head. All radiation drops off quickly from it’s source, so moving away can drastically reduce EMR.
  • Turn off your WiFi at night (and don’t sleep with your phone next to your head!)

My work helps me understand the healing and protective properties crystals in my day to day life, so it was only natural that I was driven to explore which crystals would assist in reducing my own exposure to EMR, and help others do the same!

I find these little gems keep my energies as clean and balanced as possible, so I’m not affected by the electromagnetic fog all around us!

After my research I have chosen these fabulous five crystals which I believe will help you combat EMR:

1. Amazonite

Amazonite has a vibration that can filter incoming energies, clearing away negativity or psychic attacks. Soothing Amazonite blocks electromagnetic smog and also geopathic stress. Keep Amazonite next to your monitor while you are working to cut down on the negative effects. Not surprisingly it’s a ‘feel better stone’ that is good for creativity and good for the heart and nervous system, helping stress and a troubled mind.

2. Hematite

Detoxifying Hematite is a helpful stone for cutting down on electromagnetic pollution. Highly protective, Hematite guards us against negative energies of all types. Can be placed near a computer, or worn on our person. Hematite is highly grounding, and can pull in high vibrations from other realms down into the Root Chakra, enhancing one’s will and drive. Hematite also brings strength, courage and personal magnetism.

3. Sodalite

It is believed that by placing a piece of Sodalite next to your computer, you reduce the amount of electromagnetic pollution coming from the terminal. Sodalite is also great for ideas, perception, creative expression and endurance.

4. Unakite

Unakite can help to remove electromagnetic pollution via its powerful grounding energies. Unakite carries a unique vibration that is said to reverse the effects of electromagnetic pollution. Good for overcoming self-imposed blocks.


5. Black tourmalinehealing

A favorite of mine, I have two pieces of Black Tourmaline sitting either side of my monitor. A very popular stone in metaphysical circles. Black Tourmaline cleanses and repels negative energies, and is especially strong on electromagnetic smog. Black Tourmaline is very grounding as most stones used for this purpose tend to be. Also good for inspiration, connection, awareness and creativity.

PLEASE DO NOT USE QUARTZ or any other silicate crystals because Quartz easily resonates with electronics and microwave radiation, silicates are what are used in technology and our devices.

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