The 7 Unknown Struggles Of Someone With High Functioning Depression

When you’re dealing with high-functioning depression, there’s a list of complications that comes with it. Remember that everyone is struggling with something, even if you can’t see it.

1. We seem just fine… We show up to work or class on time, usually even early.

We come off as calm, cool, and collected. We laugh and smile, just like we always have. But inside, it feels like a dark cloud is constantly looming over us.

2. We never know when it’s coming… We may actually be just fine when you see us at 10 AM. But at 10:04, we’re suddenly not ok.

We may shut down or push you away because the feeling is overwhelming.

3. We tend to be perfectionists… We do our work to the best of our abilities and want everything to be perfect, organized, and neat. Usually, this is a great trait to have, but when things aren’t perfect, it can make things worse.

4. Sometimes, there is literally no trigger… Certain things may trigger our depressive moods, but often, we have no idea why we feel this way.

We could have remembered something from a week ago that upset us, we may feel overwhelmed, or there could be no reason at all. This is just as frustrating for us as it is for those around us.

5. It can be accompanied by waves of anxiety… For those of you who have dealt with depression, you know what kind of monster it can be.

If you deal with anxiety, you also know how hard it is. When you deal with both, it’s indescribable.

6. It may not make sense to anyone… What may be an easy task for someone else, may spike our anxiety or depression. Sometimes, we don’t even understand why. It just does.

7. There is a stigma… A lot of us are high-functioning because we know we SHOULD be. There are plenty of days that just getting out of bed and getting where we need to be is an accomplishment, but we keep it inside to avoid the stigma that comes with depression.

If you’re dealing with high-functioning depression, don’t be afraid to talk to someone; whether it’s a therapist, friend, or relative.

If you know someone dealing with it, the best thing you can do is be supportive and understanding. We know it can be confusing for others to understand and it can be confusing to us as well.

Remember that everyone is struggling with something, even if you can’t see it.