Looking For True Love? Here Are 7 Reasons Why Food Is Your Perfect Soulmate Forever

Do you often find yourself dreaming about chocolates and cheese-laden pizzas? Do conversations with friends always revolve around the latest food joints in town? Well, sometimes food is much more than a source of energy. If the thought of hogging on a delicious dish gets you excited, you are surely a big foodie. Here are a few reasons why food can be rightly called your soulmate.

1. A platter of food can make you more possessive than even your creepy ex-boyfriend.



‘Sharing is caring’ might be your mantra in life but when it comes to food, you take a different stance. You just can’t watch someone digging into your share of food, though you wouldn’t mind ordering an extra one for them.

2. Finally, there is someone who can handle your mood swings and make you instantly happy.



Be it a sad post-break-up phase or a lousy Monday morning, a scoop of your favorite go-to food titillates your happy hormones. Whether you are happy, sad, or hopping mad, food like Nutella can lift your spirits better than anything else. Especially, a personalized jar of Nutella works wonders to handle those mood swings!

3. No. It never judges you for being messy or too organized.



No. It doesn’t set rules or table manners for you. It just lets you be yourself! Fork, spoon or hands, it doesn’t bother at all.

4. When nothing in the world other than your platter of food can satisfy your heart more.



Throughout the day, you day-dream of the food in the fridge and when you finally reach home, you gorge on it with immense satisfaction. #MajorFoodRomance

5. It makes you long for it and makes you feel hungry at the oddest hours, ALWAYS.



This is a universal truth! It gets on to you. Like totally.

6. Meal time excites you and you NEVER want to miss it. EVER.



Meal time is the most sacred hour of the day for you! When it comes to priority lists, food tops it all. So, even if you are running late for a meeting, there’s no way you will skip your meal.

7. Yes, it never tries to change you but rather adjusts as per your cravings. #HowSweet.



Unlike people who want you to change for their personal reasons, food never expects you to do that. Rather, it humbly adapts itself to suit your taste buds.

Via IndiaTimes