12 Genius Life Hacks You Don’t Know (But Really Need To)

Life hacks are amazing and give you easier and sometimes better ways to do everyday tasks. The internet is a great place to find new, useful hacks.

Wine is a beverage that many people enjoy. But if you like your wine chilled, and didn’t have time to put it in fridge you might resort to ice cubes which will cool your wine but also water it down.

A great life hack for chilling wine without having to water it down is using frozen grapes. Throw some in the freezer and you will have them on hand for your wine when you need them.

This life hack will have your house smelling fresh. If you have an air conditioner just tape a dryer sheet to the front, and it will blow the fresh scent around the room.

Your keyboard collects a lot of dirt and dust particles. Not to mention any food you might be eating while you are watching Netflix gets caught in the crevasse.

A simple life hack to fix this is to take a sticky note and press the sticky part in between the keys to pick up all the dirt, dust and food particles.

Sometimes it can be hard to fill a bucket with water from the tap. With this life hack you cut off the end of a water bottle, and it will funnel the water out into the bucket.

There are too many pairs of shoes that get ruined with water. Unless them have been treated beforehand, a lot of shoes will get drenched in the water.

But this life hack allows you to waterproof your shoes. Just take some beeswax and rub it all over your shoes. Then blow dry them and they will be waterproof.

If you want to charge your phone fast, put it in airplane mode. It will charge twice as fast. Just remember to switch it back after or you won’t get any calls or messages.

This is very clever. Sometimes when you go to the beach you want to bring your valuables but there is always a chance they could be snatched from your bag.

This creative hack allows you to hide your valuables where no one would ever look. Clean out an old sunscreen bottle and hide your phone and keys in it.

Barbeques are a staple for the summer time. Sitting outside on the patio having a burger. But having a bunch of small plates for the condiments means a lot of dishes to wash.

This easy hack is using a muffin tray to put all the condiments in. This would be great for camping or something where you don’t want to bring lots of dishes.

You can pour coffee in an ice tray and freeze it.Then when you make ice coffee it won’t be watered down.

Avocados are a tasty and healthy fruit that have amazing health benefits. But sometimes you buy one and open it, and it is too ripe to eat.

This easy hack will let you know when the avocado is perfectly ripe. Remove the little knob on the end, and if it is brown inside it means it is too ripe, and if the inside is a light color, it means it’s time to eat it.

If you are trying to consume more water, but struggle to drink it during the day. Draw a timeline on the side, and try to keep up with it so by the end of the day you have consumed it all.

Popsicles are a refreshing treat to enjoy during the hot months. But for kids it can be hard not to have the popsicle drip down their hands.

Put the end of a paper cup at the bottom so it catches the juice when it drips, and will keep your child clean.

If you are getting annoying fuzzies on your clothes, you can use a razor and going against the grain remove these bits.

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