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Jade Small
Jade Small
December 19, 2023 ·  4 min read

13 Sitting Positions And What They Say About You

According to behavioral experts, the way we sit and our sitting positions can actually give away a lot about our personalities and character traits. It turns out that the positions of our legs, in particular, can reveal our subconscious thoughts and behaviors.

Although our sitting habits can be influenced by various factors, such as our environment and mood, Lilian Glass, Ph.D., a renowned body language expert and author of several books, including “The Body Language Advantage,” suggests that our sitting patterns can provide insight into our personalities.

What does the sitting position of your legs say about you?

Have a look at the image below, which one resembles the way you sit? How about the way your friends or family sit? Let’s see if your sitting positions really can translate your personality! Choose from sitting positions A – E and read on to see what it says about you!

Image Credit: City Magazine

Sitting Position A

Individuals who prefer to sit in this specific position are often inclined to overlook problems and adopt the mindset of “out of sight, out of mind.” They have faith that any issue will resolve on its own. Of course, when it does, they feel extremely content. However, when this approach does not work, they tend to shift the burden onto others.

These individuals are effortless to converse with, and their company is never tedious. They rarely ruminate over the same subject for a prolonged period. They possess a creative and appealing personality with a touch of immaturity. Typically, they speak before contemplating their words.

Sitting Position B

Out of the five sitting positions pictured above, individuals who opt for this sitting position are imaginative dreamers who are constantly thinking about what could be. They are known to be the life of the party. They are always coming up with fresh and innovative ideas, making them the soul of a team or company.

These individuals love to explore new places and make new friends. They do not believe in waiting for the right moment to make a change in their lives; instead, they want to do it all immediately. These people are impulsive and do not hesitate to switch things up. Be it their appearance, partners, jobs, or even moving away from their current location.

Sitting Position C

Individuals who adopt this sitting posture prioritize comfort above everything else. They are not interested in exhausting themselves over the weekends with shopping sprees to achieve a perfect appearance. Type C’s would rather spend their time selecting the perfect scent or cream. Their relationship with fashion is complex and fickle since they are very meticulous and particular about their choices.

Despite appearing disorganized and chaotic to others, they can make sense of the disorder around them and locate everything they need without any difficulty. Their only drawback is their inability to concentrate on one task for too long. This is because they have a tendency to lose focus quickly.

Sitting Position D

Compared to individuals who choose to sit with their legs in other sitting positions, type D is punctual and appreciates timeliness. They possess intelligence and sensitivity and value peaceful resolution over conflict. Public displays of emotion make them uneasy, regardless of whether it’s a passionate kiss or a heated argument. When someone sits with their feet firmly on the ground, they tend to be straightforward, bold, and detail-oriented.

If a person raises the top of their feet and rests on their heels in this position, they may appear reserved but are always prepared to face any challenge. Therefore, they see the world as a hostile place and view their home as a safe haven, a fortress to protect them from life’s challenges. Criticism is interpreted as a personal attack, leading them to react defensively.

Sitting Position E

Individuals who prefer sitting in this manner tend to take life at a leisurely pace. They may get married, but not before prioritizing their education and career, as they believe that success will come in due time.

They possess an unyielding determination that can sometimes border on obstinacy, driving them relentlessly toward their goals. This is despite any setbacks encountered on the way. Personal appearance holds great significance for them. Because of this, they invest considerable effort into maintaining a fit and healthy body. However, their attention to physical appearance may be rooted in some underlying insecurities. This can lead them to be overly sensitive to criticism.

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