This Pyramid Planter Is Perfect For Growing Strawberries And Herbs All Year Long

The best part about this pyramid planter, is that it saves space, by using vertical height to grow food.

If you’re like me and have never grown strawberries at home, chances are you also weren’t aware that strawberries grow best in a pyramid. This is because a pyramid shaped planter allows for optimal water drainage, along with allowing extra room for the plants to grow properly.

If you’re looking for instructions, or build plans to create your very own strawberry pyramid planter so you can enjoy the delicious berries at home all summer long, you’ve come to the right spot. We’ve found a bunch of different wooden pyramid planters that you can either build yourself with some detailed plans, or purchase pre-made if you aren’t very handy.

Depending on how you’d like to get your pyramid planter, you can either find some plans for free online, such as this one by the website RemoveandReplace, or buy one online or at your local garden store.

RemoveAndReplace provides instructions on how to build an 11-tier strawberry pyramid planter, which costs them around 200 bucks in total to build. They even built the wooden pyramid on caster wheels so you can easily move it around when completed.

This other set of build plans to create a DIY wooden strawberry pyramid planter goes for just under 4 bucks on Etsy, and is a bit smaller at only 6 tiers, but stands a bit wider, and stands 35 inches in height. The build plans are sold by Etsy store WoodGears.

Another good set of free instructions for creating a strawberry pyramid is over at FineGardening, where they offer plans to create a large 10 tier pyramid that can hold up to 60 strawberry plants. It measures 6 feet tall when completed, and contains over 60 feet of growing space.

However you go about acquiring your strawberry pyramid planter, whether you build it yourself, or buy a pre-made pyramid, you can take some inspiration from a few more examples that we found below.

And some tips for growing strawberries: Strawberries enjoy a sunny location, sheltered from strong winds so insects can assist with pollination.

Use fertile, well-drained soil.

Straw is an ideal mulch for strawberries. Place it around plants to suppress weeds, and, when the berries have formed, place it underneath to provide a safe resting place until they are ready for picking.

While strawberries do nicely with full sun with nice, even water, heat can cause some problems. A temperature of 16C/61F or lower is best. Adding straw mulch or some shade can prevent this problem. One heat wave in early summer can wipe out the crop.

Happy planting!