A New Type Of Chocolate Has Been Discovered, And It’s Ruby Pink

If there’s one thing most of us can agree on, it is the deliciousness of chocolate. Now, it comes in pink!

No matter where you are in the world, you can always find a good piece of chocolate. From truffles to chocolate-covered treats, this sweet is a standard sweet anywhere you go. Typically, chocolate comes in three different types: milk, white, and dark. However, a fourth new chocolate, ruby, now officially exists.

Ruby chocolate is the biggest innovation in chocolate in 80 years. Made from the Ruby cocoa bean, it’s a completely new chocolate experience.

This new chocolate is the brainchild of Swiss confectionary company Barry Callebaut. Its distinct pink hue doesn’t come from any added colors or ingredients. Instead, the chocolatiers source unique Ruby cocoa beans from around the world. These beans provide the color along with a fruity berry flavor that no other chocolate type possesses.

Ruby chocolate will definitely provide an eye-popping and delicious change to many chocolate products we know. Barry Callebaut expects that the new type is used to make all different kinds of chocolate products, similar to what’s done with white, milk, and dark chocolate today. Thus, we should expect to find pink chocolate ganaches, naturally reddish chocolate bars, and basically every other chocolate product redone in ruby fashion.

Each type of chocolate answers a different consumer need. White chocolate, with its sweet, creamy flavor, is perfect for sharing experiences with friends and family. Milk chocolate satisfies our need to unwind and relax, thanks to its richness and versatility. And the bitter, strong taste of dark chocolate is an excellent way to recharge and boost our self-esteem.

“Ruby chocolate answers the consumer’s need for hedonistic indulgence, meaning the quest of ultimate pleasure. Its unmatched taste is an intense sensorial delight because of the tension between berry fruitiness and smoothness,” claims the website.

Whether or not you are a huge fan of chocolate, this new kind of ruby confection is something we should at least try once. I wonder if you could use it in different ways, similarly to how white chocolate is used.

According to the website, you can use it in a number of different ways, just like any other type of cocoa.