70- Year-Old Woman Looks Like She’s 20, And Drinks Red Wine Every Night

Norma Williams does not look her age, and you would never believe she is 70 years old. What’s her secret? Read on to find out:

There are plenty of ways to stay fit and what is even better, you can stay in shape at any age. A woman named Norma Williams proves that age is only a number, and if you don’t believe it, Norma can prove it’s true.

Norma, who moved from dreary and often overcast Britain to sunny Italy, even claims that she is in the best shape of her life. She said: “I have a better figure than when I was 20 years old.”

How does she stay in such great shape? Believe it or not, naughty snacks, hearty meals, and yes even red wine.

The Sun wrote, “Norma, who lives with husband Laurie, 80, wrote an article on Quora about how to stay in shape in your later years and she revealed that while some treats are now not on the menu, she does indulge in plenty of hearty foods.”

Norma wrote: “I’m proud of myself. I have achieved the way I look through sheer discipline.”

“For instance, I will NEVER eat a giant box of refrigerated Maltesers ever again.

“Up until my late 50s, I would take TWO giant boxes of them into the cinema.

“Now, the most daring things I overindulge in are savoury biscuits and lots of them, doorstep toast with lashings of butter, panettone, walnuts with cranberries, roasted cashews, dark chocolate rice biscuits (yum!), jacket potatoes with salad swimming in olive oil and gelato.

“I used to binge on giant packets of crisps but Italian crisps are just not worth the penalties I pay for such overindulgence. Note NO sweets. So, you get the drift. I EAT!

“And, I do drink nearly a bottle of wine each day – cut down from 2 or more bottles/day when younger.”

Norma believes that women don’t have to be super skinny to look beautiful. The more important is to be smart. She said:

“An excellent shape is not to be defined by height nor figure type. You can be small or tall. You can be curvy or straight up and down. Or you can be anything in between. So, I am not talking fashion or glamour model stereo types here. I am talking about the body we all know to be great when we see it.”

Norma doesn’t limit herself in food. She drinks two cappuccinos with a pastry for breakfast. Then she snacks on a banana, orange or other seasonal fruit. Her dinner usually includes protein with vegetables: carrots, broccoli, beans, mushrooms in soy sauce, olive oil, seeds, cranberries or slices of walnut.

And then there’s the red wine.

What do you think about Norma’s routine? I think we should all do what is best for our bodies, and be happy with how we age.