17 Things All Quiet People Will Understand

If you’re the quiet type, you’re probably used to people misunderstanding you. They might think you’re shy, or maybe even insecure. But you know that’s not necessarily true – just because you’re not swinging from the rafters doesn’t mean you’re afraid of the world.

In fact, if you were the type to make bold announcements, you’d probably let people know what you’re really like:

1. Once in awhile we like to go out in a group of people and let our hair down, but don’t get offended if we politely refuse the invite more often than not. It’s nothing personal, it’s just not our thing.

2. It might not seem like a lot of fun to everyone, but staying home all alone on a Saturday night and reading a book or watching an old movie on Netflix is actually really enjoyable to us. So please don’t look like you feel bad for us – we like those nights!

3. And besides, our book or movie won’t make us feel hung over the next day (which is something we try to avoid).

4. We have nothing against going to bars – they can be fun, and we do like to go every now and then. In just that more often, we prefer staying in and having a few glasses of wine with some close friends.

5. We’re really observant. It’s like a hobby that we didn’t choose to have, but is just part of who we are. We like to take in our surroundings, see what people are really about…sometimes we over think things, but we can’t help it; we’re interested in what’s below the surface. So if we’re going to get to know each other, expect that we’re really going to get to know you.

6. We’re not comfortable around everyone, so if we enjoy being around you, please take it as a supreme compliment.

7. If you’re too busy to get together for more than a few moments, don’t worry about it – we’ll spend time together later. We’d rather wait until you have the time for a really good conversation without looking at the clock, than to just talk about nothing for a few minutes here and there.

8. Anything we do usually has a purpose behind it. We rarely do things without a point, and pretty much never do anything just to impress others.

9. In fact, whenever we can, we’ll turn the spotlight on other people – partially so it’s not on us, and partially because we really find other people fascinating.

10. But, if you do ask us questions, we’ll give you detailed, in-depth answers.

11. We’re typically quiet, but that doesn’t mean we lack confidence or leadership skills. In fact, studies show that quiet people are really good at managing people and are usually successful at achieving our goals.

12.Studies also show that we’re pretty creative, too, which makes us fun to hang out with!

13. A lot of people think it’s sad when someone spends time alone, but don’t worry – we like our alone time. Actually, we need our alone time, so don’t feel bad for us, or think we’re being anti-social. We just need a certain amount of time to be by ourselves and reflect on life and the world around us.

14. And please don’t think we’re bored – we’re rarely bored. What’s happening in our heads is actually really entertaining!

15. If you have something you need to get off your chest or vent about, we’re really good listeners, because we actually care about what you’re saying.

16. We take life seriously, but those who know us know that we can be big goofballs when we’re around people who we’re comfortable being with, and we’re kinda hilarious!

17. We really don’t care much about how you look. If we like you, we’re going to think you’re awesome no matter what you look like.

Written by Beatrix Wallace, for puckermob.com

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