5 Beauty Hacks You Should Never Ever Try

Via Blush.me

Scroll through your news or Instagram feed and you are bound to come across at least five videos or articles that talk about effective beauty hacks to make your life easier. Once I came across a Vblog that demonstrated how you can use wasabi to shrink those pimples. Sounds crazy? Absolutely. That’s when I decided to consult an expert and find out for myself, how safe these beauty hacks really are; which I found, they weren’t at all.

So, instead of letting you experiment with these blogger approved hacks, we have rounded the ones that you should absolutely stay away from.

Using a cornstarch in place of face powder

Just because cornstarch resembles your face powder, doesn’t mean you use it when you run out of your face powder. A lot of bloggers use this for baking the face to get a flawless finish; however, you should never apply this on your face since it can breed fungi or bacteria, when exposed to moisture. So imagine if you start sweating? Instant breakouts and inflammation.

Using wasabi to treat pimples

This gained steam a few months back with a majority of beauty bloggers demonstrating how wasabi is great for acne treatment. We think not; this is because wasabi can literally burn your skin. So, stick to your salicylic based creams and steer clear of sushi accompaniments.

Rubbing lemon on your armpits

One of the most popular beauty hack that you might come across is rubbing lemon on your armpits to brighten them. However, this isn’t a good idea, given the acidic nature of lemon. It will not only irritate your skin but can even lead to severe burns and discolouration if you aren’t careful. Steer clear from this and consult a dermat if the colour of your armpit bothers you.

Using deodorants to combat oily skin

Using a deodorant on your face to combat shine and oil can lead to disastrous results. Spraying a deodorant on your face can block your sweat gland and congest your pores, thereby leading to breakouts. Use a blotting paper to abosrb the extra oil instead.

Using dish cleaners to remove lipstick

Rather than slathering your face with chemical laden dish detergents, why not opt for a makeover remover? You can also whip one with equal parts oils and water. Let us not to be so lazy and grab whatever we have infront of us.