Does The Position Of A Birthmark Mean Something? According To Ancient Beliefs- Yes

There are myths that say your birthmarks are associated with events in your past life, while science says that they are created at birth from an excess of melanin production. However, there are multiple theories about the placement of birthmarks and its effect on your personality.

Here is what the position of your birthmark means for you.

#1 Chest

A birthmark on your chest means you have a loving heart and a bright future ahead of you. Not everyone has this but those who do have love in them that transcends all. You love others unconditionally and you have an immense capacity to give. It is not just a birthmark but a mark of a beautiful heart.

#2 Stomach

A birthmark on the stomach means you have a satisfied personality and are someone who is content with what they have in life and would like to live in peace and harmony. You prefer a jovial life, happy and full of laughter and hatred for chaos and disruption.

#3 Shoulders/Back

People with a birthmark on their backs are open, honest and quite straightforward. You are not manipulative and try not to stoop to low levels. You either accept someone for who they are or reject them. You would never let anyone remain stranded.

A birthmark on your shoulder shows the burden you will carry throughout your entire life. It reveals that there will be responsibilities you will have to bear, but not without help. The thing is, there’ll be a weight on your shoulders and it would be up to you to either buckle under it or carry it with a smile.

#4 Face

A birthmark on your face is like a mark of destiny. People with this mark are known to be achievers and leaders in their fields. You lead by example, adapt to situations and move forward with a sense of absolute certainty.

#5 Legs

Born to go further than anyone else, your birthmark would be a constant reminder of how far you still have to go and all that you still have to achieve. This birthmark means you will never stop and will find peace through all your efforts.

#6 Arms/Hands and Feet

If you have a birthmark on your arms or hands, it means that you are patient and able to restrain yourself. Every time you are about to do something wrong, your mark reminds you to do the right thing.

A birthmark on your feet reveals means you are a trendsetter, someone who sets the standards, which becomes an inspiration for everyone around you. You gravitate towards outgoing people and love to be the center of attention.

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