The First Colour You Spot Reveals Something About Your Character

Look at the word puzzle and the first colour you find will reveal something about you.

What colour word did you spot first? Scroll down to see what it reveals about your character!


You’re an optimistic person. You always look on the bright side of things and conserve a joyful spark. You’re someone who distinguishes that a smile is free, and in exchange it gives you the power to brighten your life and the lives of the people around you.


You know that concepts, combined with effort result in success. You’re aware of what you want in your life and do whatever it takes to obtain it. You have the gears and strength necessary within you to attain your dreams.


You’re a sympathetic, generous and caring person. You are always there with a motion of support or loving word for the people who need it. With this, everything you offer is always paid back to you. This is because the universe is a persistent source of active and even physical balance.


From an early age you’ve perceived that there are highs and lows. Nevertheless, the significant thing is to find balance and flow to make sure your days have moments of peace and happiness. Positively, if one day you’re challenged by sorrow, you’ll be able to get around it since you are dedicated to joy.


You look to eradicate all feelings, emotions or thoughts which don’t bring amity, joy or well-being. You are a person who’s mindful of problems and fears. But you’re also aware of the fact that, with love and devotion, it’s probable to become who and what you want.


This word is the hardest to find and it shows that you certainly have a special viewpoint on the world and life itself. You’re a person who loves to test the conventional and discover new and better methods of doing things.