Choose Two Individuals In This Picture And Find Out More About Your State Of Mind!

If you want to know more about your personality or just think about your behavior, optic-psychological tests are a nice way to do it.

What we propose today was a test created by British psychologist Pip Wilson and was initially given to elementary school pupils to better understand their state of mind at the beginning of the course.


Later, the test turned out to be useful also for adults, as it enables us to make some interesting observations.


Are you ready? You will discover more about yourself, your emotional state, or your social status.



Take a look at the various individuals on and near the tree. Each one holds a different position and has a different mood. Choose the one who is most similar to you and the one that you would like to look like.


Here are the results depending on the choices:


– if you chose figures 1, 3, 6 or 7 you are a very determined person, obstacles, and difficulties do not frighten you, in fact, they stimulate you;


– if you feel similar to figures 2, 11, 12, 18 or 19, then you are a person who is very helpful to others;


– if you chose figure 4 you are probably a strong-minded person, who aims to achieve success;


– choosing figure 5 indicates a bit of fatigue; maybe at the moment you do not have enough energy to deal with life;

– if you feel close to figure 9, you are a cheerful person who loves to have fun, and being with others;

– choosing figure 13 or 21 means you tend to isolate yourself, suffer from anxiety and that the company of other people often makes you feel uncomfortable;

– if you choose figure 8 it means you are a dreamer, and that you like to be in your own little world;

figure 10 or 15 indicates an adaptable personality, typical of a person who feels satisfied with what they have;

– choose figure 14 and that means you are going through a moment of emotional fatigue, or maybe you are experiencing a period of crisis and confusion;

– whoever chooses figure 20 usually has a strong sense of self and a propensity to play the role of a leader;

– if you chose figure 16, you are a person who tends to support and help others;

– If instead, you chose figure 17, it means there is a person who is supporting and helping you.

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