The First Thing You See In These Pictures Will Reveal Something About Your Character

Personality tests that are based on optical illusions are exceptionally popular nowadays. As a matter of fact, even psychologists use similar assessments to the ones found below.

As with professional personality tests, the rules applied are the same: It’s very important to focus on the first image you see.

Now, we suggest you try these tests, but it is also advised to keep in mind that these are just for fun and are not in any way meant to diagnose or treat conditions. These tests won’t give you a full psychological profile of your personality, but it’ll offer you some information about your character.


If you saw the LION first:

It’s most likely that you’re always interested in getting to the root of things, and you’re not scared of facing your resilient uncertainties. You’re a very courageous person!

If you saw the EXOTIC BIRD first:

Maybe there are times that you’re a bit of a space-cadet and, in some circumstances, even careless. Nevertheless, you have an imaginative personality and a desire to change the world for the better.


If you saw the DUCK first:

It’s probable that your life contains plenty of emotional impulses. Most of the time you experience intense mood swings, and you have a habit of making decisions abruptly without thinking them through.

If you saw the RABBIT first:

You like weighing all of your options and considering all the consequences of each deed. Logic typically takes priority in your life, even though this doesn’t essentially mean that you’re a cold and insensitive person.


If you saw the TWO CROCODILES first:

It’s possible that you’re always trying to maintain an air of control under any circumstance, and you feel the need to be in-charge of everything. Nevertheless, you’re not a brutal oppressor but rather an observant manager, chief, or leader.

If you saw the BIRD first:

You are one of the few people on this earth who don’t mind facing the daily struggles in life that the Universe throws your way. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have your personal view, but you yield to others and try to avoid conflict as much as possible. That’s why you’re so forthright and outgoing.