Artist Drew A Mistake In This Illustration. Can You Find It?

We live in a rapidly changing world, and every day, we absorb, process, and analyze tons of different information. That’s why, it’s very important to stay focused and constantly develop our reasoning skills.

“How can we do that, if we are too busy and do not have time to sit and study for a couple of hours per day?” you might ask. Well, there is a solution!


Quite often, we are given very simple but effective logic games and exercises, which can help develop concentration, memory, and cognitive abilities.


Not mentioning the fact that these tasks will entertain you for sure!


Youngsters can develop their potential, while older people can use these games and exercises to slow down and delay the natural decline of their mental activity.


According to Dr. Cheerman, Colorado Springs University associate professor, logic games and puzzles are perfect for both young and old. The games reduce boredom, increase the ability to think logically, as well as improve concentration and memory.


Why do people like brain teasers and logic puzzles so much?


Research demonstrates that our brain performs better with time if we give it a great deal of practice through brain teasers, brain games, logic puzzles, and so on.


So, here is a simple brain teaser to boost your reasoning and logic skills!


The artist intentionally made a mistake while working on this picture. What is it?


We are quite sure that there were not any problems in spotting it, but if one needs a little help, take some more time and carefully examine everything in the picture.

Do you have it yet?

If you liked this logic exercise, we have prepared one more! Our forgetful artist again made a mistake while working on the next picture.

Did you spot the mistake? This one is a bit easier!

We do believe that the mistake was easily found in the first picture, but just in case, here is the answer!

So how did you do on both of our visual brain teasers? We hope you enjoyed them, and if you would like more fun quizzes like this, be sure to check out our ART category here on

Images via Wikr – h/t

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