The Witch Test – Find Out What Type Of Witch You Are

Since ancient times, women have been attributed sorcerous abilities and most of it is true. After all, even skeptics have repeatedly observed wonderful manifestations of female intuition. Some woman are natural born witches, and some acquire magic later on in their life.

What is the secret of each of them? Choose a hat and find out what type of witch you are.

№1 – The High Sorceress.

It’s no wonder that you easily subordinate people to your will. Your inner strength is enough to move mountains. If you want, you can bring any man to his knees.

№ 2 – The cunning witch.

Apparently, this type of women came up with the saying “The way to the heart of a man lies through his stomach.” Anyone who has at least once tried your cooking is forever yours!

№3 – The witch-cutie.

You don’t have to do anything to conquer. You just need to be yourself and every man will fall for your spontaneity and natural charm!

№4 – The artful witch.

You are in your true element with backstage intrigues and palace coups. You are not happy with easy victories. You think that the path to the goal must be difficult and full of adventure. Only then can you fully enjoy your conquests.

№5 – The witch-esthete.

Everywhere you go must be surrounded by harmony, beauty and impeccable taste. You want the world to be perfect. To do this, you choose men who don’t meet these requirements, but it’s your mission to successfully re-educate them and conquer them forever.

№6 – The Warrior Witch.

Your favorite activity is fighting with injustice and malice. You are always ready to rush into battle, if you think that someone in your close environment is doing poorly and with such sincerity and courage you are able to conquer people.

Now you know your strengths and you can successfully apply them to achieve your goals!

Via MissNaturalbeauty