What Key Would You Use To Open An Old Chest?

Think of an old antique, or even ancient chest. No one knows what is contained within, but only one key will unlock and reveal its contents.

Which key would you choose to open an old chest? The answer says more about you than you think!



1.- Simple lines without flourishes




You chose the key with the least chance of failure. Your choice points to your rational, determined and analytical personality. It’s the most common key, but also the one which has most often proven its effectiveness at opening doors. However, behind its safe appearance, perhaps it hides a certain amount of fragility.


2.- Strong and imposing




This key might look like it’s from some kind of medieval video game or science fiction movie where they need to open the lock of a magic castle. You achieve anything you set your mind to, you’re charismatic, of strong character, innovative and very convincing. You love your independence and can’t stand being attached to something.


3. Clear ideas and security


The bit on this key is unusual and indicates that those who chose it have great confidence in themselves: if they didn’t, they would never have chosen an object which might not satisfy their need of ‘opening the lock’. You enjoy accepting challenges, are competitive, like feeling that you are in control and enjoy the challenges you set for yourself.

4. Optimistic and happy

If you chose the key which has the four-leaf clover, you have a joyful, fin and optimistic personality. On the other hand, you tend to be impulsive and distracted; you get into trouble without even realizing.

5. Dreamer and creative

Have you noticed the huge resemblance this key has with the key which Alice used to open the doors in Disney’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’? Choosing this eye-catching and decorative key corresponds to original, imaginative, sentimental personalities, likely to leave their own personal mark on everything they do. Such singularity can cause them to sometimes feel misunderstood or excluded from the group.

6. Methodical and logical

The straight lines and lack of flourish on this key contrasts with the decorations of the previous one, meaning those who have chosen this one are the opposite of those who chose key number 5. You are rational, with a great ability to concentrate and no fear of leaving your comfort zone. You’re very loyal and demand the same level of commitment from others.


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