This Short Test Will Reveal What Your Personality Is REALLY Like

This short test will surprise you by telling you a few things about yourself, and how you perceive life. What is most important to you? Where do you put the majority of your time and energy?

All you need for this is to relax and choose the triangle you feel most drawn to in the picture below. The results may surprise you!


Now that you have your choice, find out what your main focus in life is, and your personality traits:

1. You – a person with great ambition, ready to fight for their desires

Purposefulness is your second self. Your main life priority is following your desires and goals. If you need to achieve something, you will put almost anything on the line to get it. “No holds barred” is your motto, and when it comes to your personality, everyone knows you are an “as is” friend. No upgrades needed, you’re quite content with how you are.

2. Your friends – the greatest value in your life

You are one of those people for whom friendship means everything. You are always ready to help your friends, at any moment of hardship you are there for them – it’s like a lifebuoy cast off in time. You do not blame them for their inability to deal with the problem on their own, and you think it’s normal if someone who is in trouble asks for help from others. You’re always the shoulder to cry on, and people see you as kind, but strong.

3. Self-control – first of all

You are quite a self-contained person and are not fond of living life with your heart on your sleeve. Outsiders are kept at arm’s length, and any person who even thinks about being your friend is forced to undergo a multi-level check on trust. After all, you’ve been hurt way too many times to let just anyone in. If you can’t trust them, and don’t respect them, you’re not wasting your time.

4. Your main virtues are openness, honesty and care.

Yes, you are one of those people who can not live without being around people who are as open and honest as you are. In addition, you are a very sincere individual. Your friends and loved ones see you as the motivator of your group. You’re a person whom friends, close and casual acquaintances, as a rule, consider an eternal optimist.

5. You are a perfectionist, and strive for success

You want everything in your life to go smoothly, without a hitch. Your dream is perfection in everything. You are an amazingly independent and self-sufficient person, used to taking care of yourself without someone else’s help. You are also very careful when it comes to making decisions. In fact, chances are you’re a Virgo. Or you’ve casually been told you have OCD before.

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