This Accurate Picture Test Will Reveal How Others See You

Many of us are secretly curious about how other people perceive us. So, what impressions do we give to others?

Look at this image, choose the first thing that you see and find out how others see you!

What did you see first? A man’s face, or a woman?

If you saw a man’s face: You are strong-willed and tough.

You are strong-willed and tough. Whenever you encounter hardship in life, you will not show your frustration or sadness to others. You usually look happy and care-free on the outside because you don’t reveal your thoughts and emotions to others easily. In groups, you are always energetic and you have strong leadership skills.

You are very easy-going, but you are able to make firm decisions, think analytically and do not follow the crowd easily. In the eyes of many people, you are full of positive energy, people feel happy when they are around you and are able to get along with you effortlessly! You have a very firm will and you do not like to rely on others. You have a strong curiosity. You don’t like to beat around the bush and tend to be more straight to the point.

You take relationships and friendships very seriously and you always treat others way better than yourself. However, sometimes you tend to feel insecure and you need reassurance from the people you’re close with.

If you saw a woman: You are generous and positive

You are motivated and you always put in 100% when it comes to pursuing your own goals and dreams. Pople admire you for your generosity and positive mindset in life. In groups, you are not only good at planning and implementing, but also highly efficient.

You are good at observing your surroundings, other people’s emotion and body language. When you communicate with others, you will not easily offend others due to your empathetic nature, and you treat people like how you want to be treated. You are adored by many people around you because of your good interpersonal skills.

However, you are picky and sensitive when it comes to choosing people you want to hang out with or be close with. This is because you know your mood and wellbeing will be affected negatively if you spend too much time with toxic people. You are very aware of your own emotions and you set healthy boundaries with the people around you.

Via Psych2Go