Choose An Image That Scares You To Reveal Something Unexpected About Your Subconscious

The human mind is a complicated thing. But nevertheless, we all have a unique, main characteristic that dominates all the others. You can identify this trait with a simple test of your subconscious.

All you need to do is look at these three figures, and determine which one of them causes you to feel a sense of fear.

Now that you have your answer, read below to see what it reveals about you:


Your dominant trait is intelligence. You thoroughly enjoy reading and increasing your education. Your main love is obtaining new knowledge. You are ready to expand your mind and absorb new perspectives, like a sponge, every minute of the day. This approach to life provides you with a reliable, solid foundation for making good choices. Although, sometimes it is very difficult to choose what you should do because your big brain has a lot of information to choose from. Remember to follow your instincts and trust your gut.


You’re main characteristic is that you are very dynamic. Your personality is always changing because you are always trying new things. You refuse to be held down by anything or anyone and you will never say “no” to a new adventure. Travel and creativity are the main activities in which you invest your time, constantly seeking out. It is this desire to move forward that is the key to your success!


The main aspect of your character – purposefulness. You are not the type to settle for having one goal- you always plan several final points and come up with a lot of ways to reach them at the same time. You are very organized, and time management is definitely among your talents. In fact, you have time to do so much that the people around you are always surprised … and then you are envious when you see how much you have achieved thanks to your amazing qualities.

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