Which Table Would You NOT Sit At? The Answer Reveals Your Wishes And Weaknesses

In contrast to most personality tests, this time, you do not need to pick something you want or like. This task is all about your reluctance to do something.

Look at the picture. There are four tables with different people sitting around them. You need to pick the one table you would never agree to sit down to.

Do not think too much and follow your intuition. And once you’ve made a choice, scroll down and read what it tells about your personality.

The first table

If you choose the table number one, then what you need the most right now is to be left alone. You do not want to be surrounded by other people. Maybe, someone hurt you in the past, or you are just tired and need to be left on your own for some time. Anyway, do not stay alone with your feelings. Talk to your friends or your offender and tell them what you feel.

The second table

If your choice is the table number two, then you are a true perfectionist and usually go too hard on yourself. But living with stress will not help you at all. You need to rest more and take care of yourself. So, stop stressing out so much and take a break for a few days. Meeting your friends or spending some time at the SPA would be a good choice.

The third table

If joining the table number three is not an option for you, then you are most likely feeling disappointment. You feel depressed and disoriented, and nothing brings you joy. But everything is not as bad as you may think right now. Take a few days off and do something you always wanted but had no time for: go to the cinema, meet an old friend, or take a walk in a park. Once you become well rested, you will be able to see the bright side of your life again.

The fourth table

If you chose the table number four, then your main problem is the lack of self-confidence. You believe that other people are more successful, popular, or good-looking than you are. Stop comparing yourself to others as you are also wonderful in your nature. Both your strengths and weaknesses make you special. And if there is anything you would like to change in your life, you are the one who has all the power to do that.

We hope this test helped you learn something new about your personality. But remember that this test is made for fun, so do not take the results of it too seriously.