Which Of These Potions Would Grant You Eternal Life? Your Answer Reveals Your Deepest Desires

Look at this picture and choose the potion that believe would grant you eternal life. Then, find out what your choice says about your secret desires:

If you chose…

Potion A

If you have chosen potion A, it means that what you most desire right now is rest and relaxation. Your routine is wearing you out. You try your best, but you can’t be negligent and not take some time for yourself and some rest. There are also your stress levels to think about that can be harmful to your health. Take a few days off! Travel! Do something! By the way, remember you also have to take care of your mental health. Take a stroll and relax your mind. Give yourself a break and be happy!

Potion B

If you have chosen potion B, it means that what you most desire right now is change! The humdrum of daily life is tiresome. Your daily routine bores you and makes you unhappy. Do something different, change your life somehow. You don’t necessarily have to leave everything behind. Just doing something simple but out of your ordinary life may be enough, like getting off the bus in a different stop, finding new ways to get to and from work, seeing new places and faces. Anything, really. Making new friends is also a great idea. Don’t let your routine drag you down! Change is up to you!

Potion C

If you have chosen potion C, it means that what you most desire right now is love! It may seem like nostalgia and sadness come together to create an urge to love and be love. Well, if there is no reason for these feelings, or finding love is not something you expect for your near future, try taking up a new hobby. Don’t start anything with the first person to show some interest in you; wait for someone who shares some of your way of thinking. You have to be compatible. It doesn’t matter whether you get back together with an old flame or meet someone new. You have to wait for the right one, at the right time!

Potion D

If you have chosen potion D, it means that what you most desire right now is recognition. Talk to your friends, or your boss. Do something to feel a modicum of relief, at least. Let them know that all you expect is to be respected and recognized, particularly by those people who are important to you. This may sound obvious, but they may not realize you need to hear it. That which is as clear as a sunny day to us may not be so obvious to others.